Galaxy S22 series gets camera improvements with latest software update

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The Galaxy S22 series already comes with one of the best camera systems on the flagship market, but like many things, there is always room for improvement. Last week a new security patch was released for the Samsung’s flagship trio, which was suspiciously large: 1.7 GB to be exact.

However, despite its large size, the included change log didn’t mention anything other than the usual bug fixes and system improvements. Today, however, a community moderator on Samsung’s forums announced that there’s a lot more hidden in the June update.

The message reads that the galaxy S22, S22+, and S22 Ultra have all received tweaks to their camera software. Photos should now have a more natural-looking sharpness, hopefully the oversharpening that Samsung post-processing is known for will be fixed. The contrast should also look better.

Pet owners with a Galaxy S22 series may also be happy to know that their phone now captures more natural colors when photographing animals. That’s largely due to an improved automatic white balance algorithm introduced with the June update.

Portrait mode should now also be better than before, although the post doesn’t specify in what way exactly. In terms of video, the moderator also mentions memory optimizations for recordings.

Last but not least, one of the bigger camera-related bugs that caused the phone to stop taking pictures after taking a shot with the Single Take option has now been fixed.

The June security patch bundled with all of the aforementioned tweaks was first rolled out to countries in Europe and Asia, but should now have largely reached the rest of the regions, including the US.

If you still haven’t received the update then check manually every now and then to make sure your phone doesn’t do it automatically. You can do that by going to Settings > Software Update and selecting Download and Install.

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