Galaxy S22 depreciates 3 times faster than iPhone 13, even Pixel 6 retains its value better

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The entry-level iPhone 13 mini costs $699, the base Galaxy S22 retails for $799, and the Pixel 6 retails for $599. SellCell tracked their value over a two-month period and concluded that you get the most money. for a used iPhone 13 if you decide to sell it. The findings are in line with previous reports that said the iPhone holds its value better than Android handsets.

The ecommerce site gathered data in the first and second months since its release and found that the Galaxy S22 is the worst in value retention. ‘Like New’ Galaxy S22 models were 46.8 percent of their original value two months after launch, making the S22 series the worst performer. It was followed by the Pixel 6 family, which had lost 41.5 percent of its value two months after launch.

In contrast, the value of the iPhone 13 series was down 16.4 percent two months after the phones hit the shelves. It is worth noting that the loss of value peaked after a month had passed (18.7 percent). Interestingly, after the first month, the Pixel 6 also regained some of the lost value.
The Galaxy S22’s depreciation was linear, which seems to suggest that depreciation has reached a plateau, so it could recoup some of its value in the coming months.

The 128GB Galaxy S22 Plus depreciated the fastest, losing 53.8 percent of its value in two months, equating to a loss of $574.99. Google’s worst performance was the 256GB Pixel 6 Pro, which witnessed a 45.7 percent loss or $479.

In Apple’s case, the 128GB iPhone 13 mini lost the most value after two months – 29.2 percent. The mini models have not performed well and will not be refreshed, so it’s not surprising to see the iPhone 13 mini underperformed. Most iPhone 13 mini models continued to depreciate after the first month.

The 128GB iPhone 13 Pro Max performed the best, losing just 3.8 percent of its value after two months.

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