For a limited time, with up to 80% off, replace the cracked screen of an eligible Samsung phone

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These days, phone screens are so expensive to replace. This is why, in most cases, when your phone’s screen cracks, the best course of action is to buy a new handset. But for the next two weeks, from June 13 to June 27, 2022, if you live in the US and an eligible Samsung phone, the South Korean company will replace your cracked screen with up to 80% discount. Samsung even states that a screen replacement costs $49.99 for certain phones (via android authority† Samsung’s promotion sounds very appealing, but as you would expect, there are many limitations. First of all, not every Samsung phone is eligible. The eligible phones for the promotion are all A-series phones, all S and Note phones from the Galaxy S9/Note 9 and above, with the only exceptions being the Galaxy S21 FE and Galaxy S20FE. If you’re using a Galaxy Fold, a Flip phone, an older Galaxy J phone, or a Samsung model not available in the US, know that you can’t take advantage of the promotion. Also, the action from Samsung is only for the front screen. If your phone has another broken part, it can probably still be replaced, but the discount doesn’t apply to that. Furthermore, you should know that no Samsung repair partners participate. So you can’t give your phone to UBreakIFix for a screen replacement and take advantage of the promotion.

To take advantage of the offer and replace your qualifying phone’s screen for less, visit: Samsung’s service page, log in to your account and start the replacement process. After that, you need to mail your phone directly to Samsung.

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