Fitbit co-founder reveals the future of Fitbit smartwatches

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During Google I/O 2022, Big G announced the Pixel Watch, the long-awaited first-ever smartwatch. But although the new wearable de Google branding has a lot in common with Fitbit smartwatches. The search giant bought Fitbit in 2019, and we can safely say that the Pixel Watch will be the first Wear OS device with Fitbit integration. So given that Google is now launching its own watch, we can’t help but wonder what will happen to Fitbit smartwatches. Well, according to Fitbit co-founder and the head of Google’s wearables division, James Park, Google’s release of a smartwatch doesn’t mean Fitbit watches get the axe.

In an interview with CNETPark stated that Google’s Pixel Watch is designed for users who want LTE while still having all the advanced health and fitness features the tech industry can currently offer. In other words, the Pixel Watch is aimed at users who prefer the Apple Watch or the Samsung Galaxy Watch experience.

Park further stated that he believes there will always be people for whom LTE and the other things are looking, such as the Apple Watch Series 7 and the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, offer are completely redundant. According to him, such people will always prefer the tracker with the most advanced health features and a reliable long battery life, which means that Fitbit smartwatches will continue to be designed for hardcore fitness enthusiasts.

In this regard, Park said: “The great thing about combining Pixel and Fitbit is that we can offer these different devices together. People can choose what’s best for them.”

During the interview, James Park also announced whether the Fitbit app will replace Google Fit or vice versa now that Google has its own smartwatch. Park stated that both apps will continue to exist as they are for now as they are each used by quite a large number of users, and that both groups like their chosen apps for different reasons. Google doesn’t want to mess with the experience with either subset of users for now.

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