FBI Bomb: Huawei’s Rural Mobile Devices Could Spy on US Nuclear Weapons and More

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Huawei’s alleged ties to the communist Chinese government led to rumors for years that the company had placed spy devices in its phones and telecommunications equipment that would collect personal and company data on behalf of the Chinese government. Although both companies have denied the allegations multiple times, the rumors persist to this day. in 2018, the US government told its allies not to use Huawei’s networking equipment when building out their 5G networks.

Investigation finds Huawei equipment in rural cell towers with disturbing potential

Huawei, the world leader in providing telecom equipment to the industry, still enjoyed vibrant business from the move to 5G despite US efforts. Only a few US allies heeded the warning and some, like England, originally chose to ignore the warnings for it eventually banned Huawei from the country’s 5G networks.

What all this brings up again is a report published by CNN Today. The global cable news network learned only that during an earlier investigation dating back to the Obama administration, the FBI had examined cell towers near U.S. military bases in rural Midwestern areas. According to multiple sources who spoke to CNN, the FBI found that Huawei equipment placed atop these towers contained equipment that could “capture and disrupt very limited Department of Defense communications, including those used by U.S. Strategic Command,.” that oversees the country’s nuclear weapons.”
A former FBI employee familiar with the investigation said: “This touches some of the most sensitive things we do. It would affect our ability to essentially command and control the nuclear triad. If possible is that that is disrupted, then that is a very bad day.”

As we’ve told you over the years, nationwide wireless carriers tended to use Huawei telecom equipment because of its lower prices, and many of these purchases were subsidized by the FCC’s Universal Services Fund (USF), which is funded by a charge against network providers based on their interstate and international revenues.

The FCC voted last year to spend $1.9 billion from the fund to “rip and replace” Huawei and ZTE equipment from nationwide US networks that used the equipment. However, the cost to carry out this task has risen to $5.6 billion and rural carriers want to be reimbursed for the money needed to remove and replace the equipment of the two Chinese companies. Unless Congress agrees to release the amount of the deficit, the nationwide airlines will get back only 40% of what it will cost them to remove the offending telecom equipment.

CNN sources say there is no doubt that the Huawei equipment discovered posed a major security threat

The results of this investigation have never been made public — until now, when more than a dozen sources spoke to CNN anonymously. It is not known whether the FBI was able to determine whether the discovered equipment could send stolen data to the Chinese government in Beijing. Although the Chinese have denied making any attempt to spy on the US, Huawei told CNN its equipment cannot operate in any of the spectrum assigned to the US Department of Defense.

But Huawei’s denial sounds hollow again, multiple sources told CNN there is no doubt that the Huawei equipment discovered had the ability to intercept commercial cell traffic and military communications. The equipment could also disrupt communications from the US Strategic Command, giving the Chinese details of the nuclear arsenal available to the United States.

The last three US administrations have been wary of Huawei with the investigation we are talking about now taking place during the two terms when Barack Obama was president. During the Trump years Huawei was on the brink of becoming the world’s largest smartphone maker when the US cut the company’s access to its US supply chain, costing Huawei the ability to use Google software and apps.

Also during the Trump era, Huawei was cut off from acquiring advanced chips thanks to a new export rule introduced by the Department of Commerce. Huawei had to develop its own operating system and now uses Qualcomm chips modified to run only on 4G networks. To prevent its Honor sub-unit from going down the toilet, Huawei sold the company for $15 billion.

The Commerce Department opened another investigation into Huawei in 2021 after Joe Biden became president.

While it is still the top company in providing telecom equipment worldwide, the smartphone company is a shadow of its old self. It no longer ranks among the top six smartphone manufacturers in the world.

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