F1 champion went on a high-speed scooter chase to track down thieves using Find My

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Four-time Formula 1 champion Sebastian Vettel took to the streets of Barcelona at high speed to get his stuff back. The driver remembered leaving a pair of AirPods in his backpack and used the Find My feature to track his belongings.

On Monday morning, the Formula 1 driver drove through Barcelona with his family after the Spanish Grand Prix. But moments after he parked his Aston Martin in front of a hotel and got out of the car, thieves took the opportunity to grab his backpack from the car and run away.

Instead of immediately contacting the police, Vettel jumped on an electric scooter and started chasing the thieves using Find My, reports Spanish publication iPadizate† This must have looked like a movie scene, and the police were also informed and joined Vettel, thinking he would press charges rather than continue the pursuit. However, the driver reportedly continued the chase, as he was still able to track down the thieves’ live location on Find My.
Finally, Vettel reached the Barcelonetta neighborhood where he found his AirPods in a vase of flowers by the window of a local store. The thieves apparently discovered that Vettel used the AirPods to track them, opened the backpack and threw the AirPods away, taking everything else.

An Aston Martin spokesperson confirmed the incident Monday afternoon:

“A bag from Sebastian Vettel was stolen in Barcelona this morning,” he said. the team confirmed. “He tried to find it by using his iPhone to track his earphones that were in his bag; but when he found his earphones, he found them abandoned and therefore could not find his stolen bag.”

In the report he did, Vettel said he could not see the thieves, but police are waiting for security camera footage from the hotel to identify them. And unfortunately the story ends like this, with no happy ending. The police will be looking for the stolen backpack and the thieves.

We at PhoneArena have our own stories of stolen luggage in Barcelona over the years we have attended the Mobile World Congress show taking place in the Spanish city. We had to run and managed to catch the thieves just as they entered the metro, but obviously theft remains a big problem there. So let this serve as a reminder to keep your belongings close to you when you travel and don’t forget to check that you have enabled the Find My option on your Apple devices.

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