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The Doro 6880 is just one of three new mobile phones from the Swedish tech brand, complemented by the budget Doro 5860 and a mid-priced Doro 6820. The company is focusing its efforts on improving the lives of seniors and its trio of new handsets are strong. aimed at the age group 65 and older. Doro’s 6880 model has a flip-up clamshell design, is 4G capable and features HD speech technology that delivers clear and extra loud sound. It’s also hearing aid compatible, and there’s an Assistance button on the back of the phone for anyone who needs it. The 2.8-inch color display is simple yet effective, while a large keyboard sits at the bottom of the fold-out design. It features high contrast keys that are easy to press, while the text size can also be adjusted. There is a crib charger for anyone who wants to keep it on a lounge table or next to the bed.

Doro 6880: prices and availability

The Doro 6880 comes with a suggested retail price of £98.99 (about $120). The Doro 6820, the intermediate model and coming with a similar feature set and design to that of the Doro 6880, costs £84.99 (about US$103). Meanwhile, the Doro 5860’s sturdy and reassuringly simple candy bar design doesn’t have the clamshell-style housing and is available for the entry-level price of just £69.99 (around US$84).

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