Disney Plus, Hulu raise prices in December

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Disney Plus announced in August that it will launch its own ad-tier service in December. One of the few streaming services that didn’t allow customers to pay less for its services and see ads, Disney Plus tailors its offerings to the market.

Unfortunately, along with the new ad tier, Disney Plus announced a price increase for its ad-free streaming service. As of December 8, Disney Plus will cost $11 per month, instead of just $8. Customers who don’t want to pay for the ad-free tier can continue to pay $8 per month, but they will still see ads.

Since Disney Plus still allows customers to pre-pay for its streaming services, you have until December 7 to purchase an annual subscription to Disney Plus and avoid the impending price hike, at least for another year.

As far as Hulu goes, things are a bit more complicated. While the ad-supported and ad-free plans will remain the same at $8 and $15 per month respectively, all Hulu + Live TV bundles will be slightly more expensive starting next month.

For example, the $70 per month bundle with: Hulu with Ads, Disney Plus without Ads, ESPN+ with Ads, and Live TV with Ads will cost $75 starting December 8. Plus, the same bundle but without ads on Hulu costs $83 per month, $7 more than the current price.

As of December 8, the cheapest bundle with Disney Plus and Hulu will cost $70, but it will show ads on all services included in the bundle. Customers who have already paid the additional $3 fee for ad-free Disney Plus through Hulu will be able to keep the service after December 7, but the option will no longer be available after that.

The only good news is that ESPN+, one of the streaming services included in the bundles, will not see a price increase and will still be available for $10 a month.

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