Dish says SpaceX uses ‘shameful’ Ukraine in 5G spectrum allocation argument

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The war of words between Dish and Elon Musk’s SpaceX is getting hotter in the battle for the 12GHz spectrum. The carrier already uses 12 GHz for its direct satellite services and wants to be able to share it for its nascent cloud-based 5G network whose 20% buildout milestone Dish must also prove for the FCC today.

Elon Musk’s SpaceX, on the other hand, claims that its Starlink satellite internet service also needs the 12GHz spectrum, but isn’t eager to share it with a two-way 5G terrestrial network on the same band.

While Dish says it has conducted interference studies that give the green light to both 5G and satellite 12GHz spectrum sharing, these have yet to be accepted by Starlink or the authorities to lift restrictions on the dual-use spectrum.

The verbal attacks between the two went as far as involving the war in Ukraine and Elon Musk’s rule-busting (according to Dish) boasts that Starlink connectivity can be used on moving planes, RVs or boats, and is therefore suitable for the wartime environment in Ukraine.
The problem is, SpaceX does not have an Earth Station in Motion (ESIM) operating license from the FCC and is nominally prohibited from providing internet connectivity in moving vehicles, which Dish was quick to point out. Heavy wireless† This forced Starlink to evoke the plight of Ukrainians in the battle over the 12GHz spectrum procedure.

As part of his argument about service to enable mobile platforms in the United States, Dish criticizes SpaceX CEO Elon Musk for responding to Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister’s request for ideas “to keep Starklinks and life-saving services online.” Ukrainesaid SpaceX in the FCC memo.While one can hope that Dish made this conviction wrong, these tactics nonetheless highlight how far Dish will go as long as the commission inexplicably leaves the 12 GHz procedure open.

Dish, for his part, defended his position by submitting a number of tweets from Elon Musk bragging about Starlink’s ESIM connectivity having nothing to do with the conflict in Ukraine. †Instead of addressing its behavior, SpaceX shamefully invokes the tragic invasion of a country to protect itself from liability for violating the commission’s rules. To be clear: Dish has no objection to ESIM use of Starlink terminals in Ukraine‘ added the emerging courier.

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