Discovered code reveals YouTube Music may soon add a much-requested feature

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The original goal of YouTube Music was for the app to provide the same exact features as Google Play Music before migrating users from the latter to the former. But before that could happen, Google shut down Google Play Music. But a particularly well-received feature of the now-defunct Play Music app is apparently making its way to YouTube Music.

After checking out the latest version of the YouTube Music app, which supports the media player found in the upcoming Android 13 update, 9to5Google came across the following code: “res/layout/timer_status_bottom_sheet.xml” indicating that a sleep timer is coming to the YouTube Music app.
In Google Play Music, setting the sleep timer meant going to the main settings list to set up the feature. Hopefully, the sleep timer can be turned on or off faster in YouTube Music. The code sequences found reveal that a countdown timer will be visible to the user, who will also have an option to add or cancel five additional minutes to the timer. The report says the timer could be similar to the sleep timer found in the Android version of the Apple Music app (seen in the screenshot embedded in this article).

A sleep timer is useful if you don’t want your phone or tablet to be on all night after you fall asleep. At the most, using your device on battery can prevent the battery from draining while you sleep. You may also not wake up in the middle of the night because a certain song interrupted your dreams.

When YouTube Music can add a sleep timer is a guess and there’s always the possibility that Google doesn’t add any at all despite the code discovery.

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