Completely redesigned Motorola Razr 2022 breaks the cover for the first time

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Although Motorola was one of the first companies to release a foldable phone, the Lenovo manufacturer did not launch a successor to its second foldable phone, the 2020 Razr 5G, in 2021, but as a report had said, we will likely see a new, completely redesigned Razr this year.
The first Razr was announced in 2019 and the version with 5G support came out in September 2020. While the phone initially did well in one market, we have no idea of ​​the overall market performance, but since Samsung was responsible for 88 percent of foldable smartphone sales in 2021, it’s safe to assume the Razr wasn’t exactly a hot-seller.
The Razr 5G was a clamshell phone like Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip 5G, and while the starting price of both was near $1,400, the Flip 5G had better core specs, a bigger battery, and a superior camera array.
Since then, Samsung has released an even better version, the Flip 3, and the South Korean company is now gearing up to launch the Flip 4. As a new report from Evan Blass True, which is likely given its track record, the next Motorola Razr could prove to be a formidable competitor.
Blass, write for 91Mobilessays the third Motorola foldable phone will be codenamed Maven and will feature premium specs and a new look.

The leaker says the next Razr will appear closer to the Z Flip 3 than the Razr 5G. It is expected to have a slightly sleeker and squarer design and to do away with the thick lower bezel of its predecessor and move the fingerprint sensor to the power button.

The Razr 5G had a lone 48MP camera and the successor is expected to have an upgraded array with a 50MP main sensor and a 13MP macro module. The 20 MP selfie camera is replaced by a 32 MP snapper that is placed in a hole instead of a notch.

The Razr 5G looks more like a toy phone because of its chin, thick bezels and notch, and it feels good just to think of a new version without all this clutter.

We still don’t know if the Razr Maven will have different dimensions than the 2020 model and whether the company plans to make changes to the 6.2-inch internal and 2.7-inch external displays, but the report states that Note that the main screen is FHD+.

Motorola Razr 2022 has flagship specs

We are also told that Motorola would initially release two versions of the Razr 2022, one with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 and one with the rumored Plus version, but given the recent rumors that the improved version has been delayed, that plan may need to be reconsidered. Anyway, this is great news because the Razr 5G was powered by a mid-tier chip.
The phone is expected to come in 8GB and 12GB RAM variants and 256GB and 512GB storage options. Color options will apparently include Quartz Black and Tranquil Blue.

The Razr 3 will reportedly be here in the summer and will first release in China in late July or early August and hit global markets at a later date.

There are no concrete pricing details yet, but the report says to expect “premium pricing,” which seems to imply it might not be cheaper than the Razr 5G, which costs $1,399.99.

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