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Cisco CBS350-8MGP-2X: 30-second review

With more people working from home, having a reliable home network will play an important role in an employee’s productivity. A managed Ethernet network switch ensures that data is transferred quickly while keeping the network in top shape. So it is crucial to choose the right product: one that is easy to use, has the right amount of bandwidth and has a variety of interfaces to suit even the most demanding office environments.

Known for its powerful networking equipment, Cisco recently released the CBS350-8MGP-2X. The main features of the switch are many ports, integrated Power-over-Ethernet (PoE), good system bandwidth and ease of use through a simple user interface. It is completely silent and energy efficient, supports the IEEE802.3az standard and consumes less than 30W without a PoE device connected.

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Cisco CBS350-8MGP-2X: Price and Availability

The CBS350-8MGP-2X is a ten-port managed switch with 6 x 1G, 2 x 2.5G and 2 x 10G Ethernet ports. The 10G Ethernet ports support both copper and SFP, allowing connection to, for example, an internet router via fiber or as an uplink to another managed switch. The CBS350 family has other port combinations ranging from eight to forty ports. The 8MGP-2X costs $693 and comes with a Cisco Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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