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With so many millions of people using the Google Play Store on a daily basis, something that may seem small, like a change to the Play Store logo, becomes a major problem. And yes, according to 9to5Googlethere seems to be a logo change for the Android app marketplace coming up.

The shape of the new Google Play Store logo remains a triangle. Sorry to disappoint you, but rare is the mobile logo that changes so quickly through the wholesaler. The goal is to keep some parts of the old logo so users can still see which app they’re opening. Among the differences are slightly more rounded corners, and the four colors used on the Play Store logo are shaded closer to the actual four colors associated with Google. However, the new logo is darker and not as bright as the current logo used for the Play Store.

It also turns out that the borders between the colors have been changed to make them more even in size. The current version of the Play Store logo is dominated by the blue triangle. You’ll find the new design in GPay and GooglePay (soon to be known as Wallet) when you perform certain transactions in the Play Store, such as adding credit to your account. In such a situation, the Play Store is considered to be the merchant and that is why the logo appears.

Google may or may not make an announcement when the Play Store logo is officially changed. Most likely you will just have to use your perceptive powers to note when the change was made. Other revisions have been made to the market; back in may The Movies & TV tab has been removed from the Play Store, meaning those who want to use their mobile devices to buy, rent, or watch movies and TV shows will need to do so through the Google TV app (which can be installed from Play Store Save by tap this link

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