Brits will have full 4G and 5G coverage on the London Underground by 2024

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Last year, Transport for London awarded a 20-year deal to communications infrastructure company BAI Communications. First step — BAI aims to have full 4G coverage on the London Underground by 2024.

Work has begun on the eastern end of the Jubilee Line and the next five stations to be covered are Bank, Oxford Circus, Tottenham Court Road, Euston and Camden Town.

But hang on — infrastructure is all well and good, but not very useful unless you have cellular carriers, you know, who actually provide the signal. Well, the good news is that all four of the major UK airlines have now agreed to take part in that particular adventure, so when BAI is ready to hit the big green buttons for each new section, most London Underground travelers will immediately need 4G. to get.
The news is coming as Vodafone and virgin mediaO2 agreed to sign up, after EE and Three were already on board. With the Tube being such a prominent mode of transport for Londoners, it’s clear it’s long past time for some stable signal upgrades. As Ahmed Essam, CEO of Vodafone UK, put it, it’s an important step in building a world-class digital infrastructure in the UK.

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