British airline Giffgaff has announced it will keep its prices frozen until the end of 2023

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Unfortunately, we live in difficult times. The cost of living drives up the price of everything. However, according to British airline Giffgaff, the costs of its plans will not increase. Well, in the near future at least.

The operator has announced that it will keep the prices of its plans frozen until December 31, 2023. This means that Giffgaff will not increase the prices of its Pay As You Go SIM card – the service that allows you to use credit instead of a monthly payment plan – goodybags — extra packs of minutes and data that you can buy — the existing products and all rates in the UK. However, the fixed price initiative does not apply to international rates and roaming.

As the company said in a tweet, it hopes this will “give you one less thing to worry about”. Giffgaff CEO Ash Schofield also stated that Giffgaff customers have many concerns and that the company hopes this pricing initiative will give its members “peace of mind” that at least their Giffgaff bills will not go up.

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