Brace yourself, ads may appear on your phone’s lock screen (in the US) ‘within two months’

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With phone lock screens arguably generating more attention than ever before, as Apple is finally ready follow the customization samples from the competition, you may not be surprised to see the exact same Android-related topic making headlines today.

But it’s not (technically) Google looking to revisit the Android lock screen experience here as some sort of response to this iOS 16, and you probably won’t like what an artificial intelligence company called Glance is reportedly planning to hit the table in the US soon.
We’re talking (among other things) ads that may appear on the lock screen of “multiple smartphone models next month,” according to an anonymous source inside quoted by the always reliable publication TechCrunch† While no actual models or brands are mentioned in this exclusive new report, Glance has already managed to assemble a great list of hardware partners in various Asian markets, despite only being established about three years ago.
This list includes major global names such as Samsung, Xiaomi, Vivo, Oppo, Motorola, and Realme, of which only two companies are currently actively involved in the sale of Android handsets in the United States. But rather than simply extending these partnerships from India to the US, Glance is apparently working with unspecified airlines in the latter region to try and negotiate mutually beneficial deals.

That’s because mobile operators control the lion’s share of smartphone sales in North America, which likely means the first devices loaded with lock screen ads around that share will likely be offered directly to their subscribers by the top US wireless service providers within two months. . †

Financially backed by none other than Google on its way to a valuation of more than a billion dollars by the end of 2020, Glance reached a staggering 150 million active users by March 2022. Ads aside, the platform, which isn’t technically an app that you can download from the Play Store or easily uninstall, delivers news, entertainment, “fun facts”, travel information and even games tailored to your own personal interests and preferences. directly on your lock screen.

That’s…as intrusive and downright annoying as it sounds, or as the company puts it, “unparalleled reach” with “authentic engagement” in a “redesigned” lockscreen experience created three years before Apple. It remains to be seen how US carriers will do their Glance integration, but knowing US carriers we have no real reason to expect a more discreet and less intrusive experience than what so many users are complaining about elsewhere.

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