Best Vodafone phone deals in July 2022

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As the third largest airline in the UK, Vodafone has won its loyal customers through a combination of convenient subscription benefits and perks, as well as flexible phone financing options. Of course, the provider also has many deals, which are constantly renewed, to entice newcomers.

Vodafone’s bread and butter is flexibility. You can choose between fixed monthly plans or simple pay-per-use plans, where you can prepay for minutes, texts and data when you need them.

The extras you can get with the best Vodafone plans include a free subscription to one of the few media streaming services, as well as an extended phone warranty and a free battery replacement if needed.

Most Vodafone deals are of course linked to a 24 month mobile service subscription. You can choose a 1 year option, yes, but your choices in plans will be severely limited, and there aren’t many benefits to it.

So let’s see.

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Vodafone phone deals now

Most of Vodafone’s deals include a price cut on service bills, but it’s worth noting that all Vodafone phone plans come with a 2 year device warranty and a 3 year free battery replacement cover, if the battery status drops below a certain percentage. These benefits come at no additional cost and are not tied to a timed promotion at this time. That being said:

Best Vodafone iPhone Deals

Even if there’s no iPhone deal with Vodafone, you do get a phone plan and still get the standard benefits – a 3-year battery renewal warranty and a 2-year warranty against any manufacturing defects. The latter in particular is worth £189 as Apple only gives you a 1 year warranty and charges AppleCare+ if you want to extend that. Plus, you can bundle the phone plan with a £3.50 smartwatch plan (usually £7 if you buy it alone), so you can also connect your mobile Apple Watch to Vodafone’s network.

Best Vodafone Samsung Galaxy Deals

With a wide variety of Galaxy phones spread across multiple price points, it’s much more likely to find different deals and offers as the months go by. And indeed, these are the current Samsung Galaxy deals at Vodafone:

Best Vodafone Google Pixel deals

Google is excellent Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro offers the full Google experience with full integration with the Google Assistant, a pure version of Android – the way Google intended it – and timely updates. Powered by the first-generation Google Tensor chips, these phones have excellent cameras and snappy performance.

Best Vodafone Motorola deals

Motorola holds a special place in every smartphone fan thanks to their no-nonsense approach to building a sturdy and reliable smartphone and aggressively pricing it. Well, there’s also the reborn Motorola Razr, which is now a full-fledged foldable smartphone but brings back the nostalgic vibes with a classic shape and footprint.

No Motorola deals at Vodafone this month – come back soon!

Best Vodafone Sony deals

Sony’s smartphones still have their unique style and a touch of experimental quirks that set them apart from the competition. They tend to be pricey though, so it’s nice to find some sort of deal before you tie the knot.

Best Vodafone Xiaomi deals

Xiaomi has been making waves in the European markets with a mix of really good budget devices and really solid premium offerings. Their top end phones usually come in nice bundles that allow you to try out the Xiaomi ecosystem and increase the package value. No deals on Xiaomi phones for July, at least so far.

Best Vodafone Oppo deals

Oppo’s smartphones shouldn’t be overlooked – with an Android (Color OS) reskin that focuses on functionality and quick use, and snappy performance to back that up, Oppo phones are pretty fun. And this month Vodafone has some good deals on the top tier Oppo Find X5!

Are Vodafone Phone Deals Worth It?

Usually there isn’t a huge bargain to rave about, but every now and then Vodafone will have a significant drop in price for one device or the other. Either that, or a bundle offer where you can get a nice gift for your phone. Combine that with Vodafone’s 2-year Total Care warranty and 3-year battery refresh promise, and you’ve got some good reasons to watch out for deals from Vodafone.

Can I keep my number if I switch to Vodafone?

Yes, that’s possible. It’s not a huge ordeal either, though you do have to take some steps – you’ll need to call your old cell provider and ask for your PAC number. You can then register as a Vodafone customer – which can be done completely online – and enter your PAC number when prompted. Of course, you can call Vodafone support at any time to get help, if you’re feeling overwhelmed.

How easy is it to switch to Vodafone?

Pretty easy actually, you can even do it all by yourself, online, via text message or by going to the local Vodafone store. After all, companies love new customers, so Vodafone has made it really easy for you to sign up for their service.

How good is Vodafone 5G coverage?

Vodafone already has some pretty solid 4G coverage, throwing a net over 99% of the UK. This is important, as phones still rely on 4G very often, regardless of carrier. That said, Vodafone has been hard at work and rolling out more and more 5G upgrades over its network† As of 2022, Vodafone has rolled out 5G to 47 of the UK’s 120 major cities, placing it last among the 4 largest providers in the country.
  • O2 has 5G in 75 locations
  • Three has 5G in 85 locations
  • EE has 5G in 82 locations
  • Vodafone has 5G in 47 locations

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