Best Virgin Mobile Galaxy S22 Deals in June

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Virgin Mobile has some of the best UK Galaxy S22 deals. This is a virtual network, which means it works on Vodafone and EE’s networks. This also means you get good coverage and cheaper plans.

To get one of Virgin Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy S22 phones, you need to sign a 36 or 24 month contract with an installment plan. Unlike other UK carriers, you don’t have to prepay for the device you get on Virgin Mobile.

But why the Galaxy S22 series? Well, you might be interested in one of these phones because of their great camera setup, beautiful and intuitive software, top-notch design and great screens.

So what are the best Virgin Mobile Galaxy S22 deals right now? Let’s find out below. Be sure to check out our Best article on Virgin phone deals.

Virgin Mobile Galaxy S22 Ultra Deals

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is available from Virgin Mobile with different plans. The cheapest option is the 2GB data plan, but we recommend going for the 10GB, 150GB, or unlimited data plan. However, this does not change the price of the phone. You can choose between a 36 or 24 month contract.

Virgin Mobile Galaxy S22 Plus Deals

Virgin Mobile offers the Galaxy S22 Plus model with the same contracts as the Ultra. This means that the same conditions apply to this telephone. We still highly recommend going for at least the 10 GB data plan.

Virgin Mobile Galaxy S22 Deals

Surprise, surprise, the cheapest and most compact Galaxy S22 has the same terms as its bigger siblings. If you don’t want a giant phone, this is a good choice. However, keep in mind that it is not a battery champion.

Keep in mind that this article is updated regularly, so check back later for the latest offers.

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