Best O2 Galaxy S22 deals in June

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Some of the best Galaxy S22 deals in the UK are from O2. The carrier is one of the big four carriers in the UK. Some of its plans include a free Disney+ subscription (worth £7.99 per month) or Amazon Prime Video (worth £5.99 per month). The free trial can last up to 6 months, depending on the plan you choose. There are also trade-in options, and you can save even more with Multisave if you’re already on the network.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 series consists of some of the best Android phones you can buy right now. These devices have beautiful screens, powerful processors and great camera settings. It’s no surprise that these have become very popular in the UK. That said, you’re probably wondering which carrier you can get your brand new Samsung from and which will save you the most money. Thankfully, O2 offers all three Galaxy S22 phones with plenty of plans and some nice discounts.

The carrier offers Pay Monthly plans, which do not require you to prepay the price of the device. Let’s take a look at the best Galaxy S22 O2 deals that are live right now.

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O2 Galaxy S22 Ultra Deals

Samsung’s premium Galaxy S22 Ultra is offered by O2 with some nice plans. There are ready-made plans, but you can also customize them according to your needs, which can save you money. O2’s top pick is a 36-month 50GB plan with monthly payments of £58.99.

O2 Galaxy S22 Plus Deals

The Galaxy S22 Plus has good battery life and a large screen. O2 offers the device with both trade-in and Multisave options, as well as pre-built and customizable carrier plans.

O2 Galaxy S22 Deals

The best deal for the compact Galaxy S22 is the one with 50 GB of data. You can also get it with an unlimited subscription for 24 months. You have the same trade-in and Multisave options as on the Galaxy S22 Plus, as well as customizable plans.

As carrier deals evolve and change, don’t hesitate to check back this deals article in a few weeks for new offers.

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