Best iPhone 13 Vodafone deals in July 2022

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Speaking of loyalty, it’s also pretty easy to stay on Vodafone’s network once you’re in. With 99% 4G coverage in the UK, the carrier is already quite reliable. Currently, Vodafone is committed to 5G and is adding fast data to more and more cities, at no additional cost to subscribers.

, complete with some perks and extras that have added value. But what about iPhone deals now?

Vodafone benefits when buying an iPhone

Even once the iPhone deal season is over, Vodafone has some permanent benefits attached to its plans, adding a good amount of value for customers.

Renew battery: if your iPhone’s battery deteriorates and needs to be replaced, Vodafone will do it for free. The service covers up to three years after purchasing an iPhone with a Vodafone subscription. To check the battery status, go to the Battery Refresh Tool in the My Vodafone app.

Total care guarantee: a two-year warranty, which covers any manufacturing defects and repairs. Apple’s iPhones, on the other hand, usually come with just a 1-year warranty, and you’ll have to pay for AppleCare+ if you want more peace of mind.

Vodafone iPhone 13 deals

Apple mainstream iPhone 13 doesn’t have bells and whistles like a telephoto camera and ProMotion display, but it delivers performance, battery life, reliability, and camera performance. You can now buy one from Vodafone for £29 upfront and £21 per month for 3 years. The period can be shortened with the flexibility of Vodafone’s payment plan.

Vodafone iPhone SE deal

Vodafone is currently cleaning up iPhone SE (2020) at the lowest price the phone has ever been.

Vodafone iPhone 13 Pro deals

No discounts for the iPhone 13 Pro this month, but you still have a choice of flexible payments so you can soften that blow. The lowest you can do is £49 upfront and 36 installments of £27.

Vodafone iPhone 13 mini deals

No discounts at the moment, but if you bundle an Apple Watch with your purchase you’ll get a watch plan with £3.50 off. If you’re a fan of the small iPhone form factor, the iPhone 13 mini is your last chance to get your hands on one as reports say Apple will cancel the mini with the iPhone 14 series. You can now get one from Vodafone for £29 upfront and £19 a month for 36 months. If you want to go for fewer monthly payments, you can do that in the phone plan phase.

Vodafone iPhone SE deals

the classic iPhone SE with its home buttons still tempts those who prefer function over form. Plus, it also helps that it’s the cheapest contemporary iPhone you can buy. With Vodafone, you get the iPhone SE for £19 upfront and £11 a month for 36 months. Again, this is flexible and you can shorten the phone plan to 3 months if you wish.

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