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The Pixel range is the best choice if you want to experience Android in its best form. Despite the niceties Samsung & Co throw into their custom skins, there’s something comforting about Google’s take on Android that, despite its strengths, isn’t all that common and loses out when it comes to custom Android skins.

With ever-leading cameras, super performance and software that stands out, Pixels is often the recommended choice, and for good reason. While I may find superior hardware features and exclusive functionalities elsewhere, the truth is you can’t really go wrong with a Pixel. This has been the case since the inception of the Pixel series in 2016 and hopefully things wouldn’t change for the foreseeable future.
In recent times, Google’s Pixel lineup has taken a slightly different path – instead of trying to match its rivals pound for pound, Google is moving towards a modified future, where its Tensor chipsets are expected to ripple. with their increased reliance on on-device artificial intelligence and machine learning.

But what is the best Pixel phone? Let’s see if we can find the answer together.

Google Pixel 7

Google defeated all the leakers to perfection and revealed the upcoming Google Pixel 7 months before the possible announcement and release. With an aluminum camera bar on the back, Google is somewhat evolving the design introduced with the Pixel 6 series, and will reportedly be all-aluminum, which could spell the end of wireless charging. In addition, it will be powered by the second-generation Tensor chipset, which will focus on AI and Machine Learning.
There will be two models, most definitely Google Pixel 7 Pro and Google Pixel 7, and we generally expect a fall release of both devices. The Pixel 7 series comes with Android 13 pre-installed, of course, and we generally expect a 6.7-inch or 6.8-inch AMOLED display with 1440+ resolution on the Pixel 7 Pro, while the regular model could come with a 6.1 or 6.2-inch 1080p display. Color options for the Pixel 7 include Obsidian, Snow, and Lemongrass, and the Pro model is offered in Obsidian, Snow, and Hazel.

Google Pixel 6 Pro

Despite the Google Tensor’s performance shortcomings, the Pixel 6 Pro is an excellent phone with an excellent camera that you should definitely consider if you’re willing to look beyond the Apple/Samsung duo that dominate the market. For the first time ever, Google has come up with a device that doesn’t seem to lack any contemporary new feature, has no readily apparent flaw, and actually feels interesting enough to be considered by everyday people, not just Android die-hards and tech aficionados.

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Google Pixel 6

Meanwhile, the regular Pixel 6 is also a phone worth mentioning. It lacks the curved screen and extra telephoto camera that grace the Pixel 6 Pro, but makes up for it with a more compact body and a lower price tag. Well, technically, the “smaller” Pixel 6 isn’t that much smaller, with its own 6.4-inch screen, it’s still built with premium materials – unlike some companies who dress their “cheap flagships” in plastic – and still has a high refresh rate screen – unlike some other companies who limit their “cheaper flagships” to 60 Hz. With the same Google Tensor processor that sits on the Pro and the same 50MP main camera, the Google Pixel 6 has enough going for it to earn your hard-earned $600.

Google Pixel 6a

Announced at Google I/O 2022, the Pixel 6a is largely similar to the Pixel 6, but comes at an affordable price point of $449. With a dual 12MP camera system and thanks to the Tensor chipset, the Pixel 6a scores a whole host of key camera features normally found on the more expensive Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. For example, you get Enhanced Magic Eraser, which changes the colors of disturbing objects, Night Sight and Real Tone in your photos.

You don’t get a motion mode, which eliminates blur and keeps moving subjects in focus, but that’s a small price to pay for the phone’s affordability. Apart from the improved camera, there is a 6.1-inch 1080p display at 60 Hz, 6 GB RAM/128 GB storage, a 4,410 mAh battery and a charging speed of 18 W. The phone is available in Sage ( green), Chalk (white), and Charcoal (black), and all of this costs $449. Brilliant deal!

Google Pixel 5a

The The Google Pixel 5a is very similar to the Pixel 4a, but it comes with a large 6.34-inch FHD+ display at 60 Hz, a Snapdragon 765G chipset, 6 GB RAM with 128 GB internal storage, a huge 4,680 mAh battery. and a 12.2MP dual camera with Google’s AI processing onboard. The overall design is simplistic and reminiscent of the Pixel 5 family, with no major design changes. The successor to the Pixel 4a and Pixel 4a 5G retails for $449 in the US and Japan. Currently, the Pixel 5a is easily the cheapest Pixel phone out there, with the best feature-to-price ratio.

Google Pixel 4a & 4a 5G

The Pixel 4a is available in two different sized flavors: 5.8- and 6.2-inch versions, the latter of which is 5G compatible and the 4a 5G name. Apart from that, it comes with a Snapdragon 765G chipset, 6GB of RAM with 128GB of storage and a 3,885mAh battery. There’s a dual-camera setup consisting of a 12MP wide and a 16MP ultra-wide sensor, and from what we’ve seen it’s pretty much identical to what you get from the Pixel 5 in terms of overall quality.

Google Pixel 5

ok, de Pixel 5 is definitely not the best Pixel you can get right now, especially considering that the Pixel 4a/4a 5G is definitely a better value. What prevents Google’s latest ‘flagship’ from being accepted as such by the Android community? It’s just an upper-midrange device, which is good in itself, but it’s hard to talk about the best Pixel phones and automatically consider the latest the best.
The Pixel 5 made up for most of the flaws that plagued the Pixel 4 lineup. It dropped the gimmicky Motion Sense sensors and went for a classic fingerprint scanner, had much better battery life and generally introduced a much smoother overall smartphone experience, without the experimentation the Pixel 4 introduced. Despite only being available in one size and definitely being overlooked by those wanting bigger phones, the Pixel 5 is an excellent compact phone to this day, and easily one of the best Pixel phones out there. , surpassed only by the Pixel 4a and 4a 5G.
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Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL

The Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL are the first Pixels to ship with high-refresh displays: at 90 Hz, they offer a smoother experience than their predecessor, cashing in on the already common high refresh rate. In addition, the Pixel 4 series introduced dual cameras to the Pixel range for the first time. However, it was not an ultra-wide-angle camera as expected, but a somewhat redundant telephoto camera.
The Pixel 4 series arrived in Clear White, Just Black and Oh So Orange colors, with the not-so-well-received Motion Sense technology onboard, which lets you control media and skip the fingerprint sensor for a special face unlock. The Google Pixel 4 XL comes with a 90 Hz 6.3-inch OLED display, a Snapdragon 855 chipset, 6 GB RAM, 64 GB storage, a 3700 mAh battery, a dual camera (wide angle + telephoto) and availability with all major US carriers.
The big notch and mediocre battery life prevent it from being crowned the best Pixel phone out there. View our Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL review to see why they weren’t as warmly received and hardly considered the best Pixel phones.

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