Best Galaxy S22 Vodafone deals in July 2022

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Samsung’s Galaxy S22 phones are easily the most desirable Android flagships out there. With fantastic cameras, beautiful screens, top performance and an extensive ecosystem surrounding them, they are often seen as the mainstream Android smartphone, despite Google having its own Pixel line.

But with all these niceties comes a premium price. So it is often easier to swallow that pill if you take out a telephone contract with a provider when your contract has to be renewed. And Vodafone, one of the largest mobile carriers in the UK, is a supplier to look into. With 4G coverage covering 99% of the UK and a steady rollout of 5G connectivity, flexible plans, loyalty benefits and extended guarantees, it makes sense to keep an eye out Vodafone UK phone deals.

Vodafone often has new offers – almost monthly, some of the phones the carrier sells can be discounted or they can be paired with a fairly generous data plan for lower subscription costs. While you can buy a device outright, the deals are usually tied to two-year contracts.

If your particular model of choice doesn’t currently have a deal, you can also check to see if the carrier has it in pre-owned condition. These are at the bottom of the phones page on the Vodafone website, with the name (as new) next to them.

Vodafone benefits when purchasing Galaxy S22

Renew battery: if your Galaxy needs to be replaced within three years of purchase, Vodafone will reimburse. It is handled through a Battery Refresh tool in the My Vodafone app.

Total care guarantee: a two-year warranty, which covers any manufacturing defects and repairs.

Vodafone Galaxy S22 deals

Vodafone Galaxy S22 Ultra deals

No S22 Ultra deals this month. You can still enjoy the extended warranty and battery health checks that Vodafone has to offer.

Vodafone Galaxy S22+ deals

The fairly large Galaxy S22+ also received no discount this month. What we have left is the extended warranty and battery replacement promise that come standard with Vodafone’s plans.

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