Best Amazon Prime Day Anchor Deals 2022

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We often lurk around during Prime Day, looking for different deals and bargains. And over the years, we’ve learned that we can definitely expect discounts on small gadgets, accessories like chargers and stands, and various tidbits that work with your smartphone.

Anker is a company that makes products that we are happy to recommend. They offer quality at very affordable prices and are often the choice when it comes to outlets, connectors, charging pads and the like. Especially nowadays when phones are often shipped without chargers, cables or earphones – go green!

Even when we’re not there Prime Day, Anker may or may not have some deals up and running, further increasing the value of his gadgets. So let’s keep an eye on those!

Best Anchor Deals for Prime Day

Anker 637 Magnetic Charging Station (8-in-1)

This charging station is a really cool all-in-one solution for your desk. It combines 3 AC ports with 2 USB C and 2 USB A plugs on the back and has a magnetic wireless charging dock for iPhones on the front. Plus, it looks super stylish and you wouldn’t mind displaying it on your workspace.

Anker 521 40 W charger

Small, cute, powerful and can power up to two smartphones with its dual USB-C ports. If you only use it for laptops, it still delivers enough juice for a MacBook Air.

Anker 726 65 W charger

Same as above, a fast and efficient charger, which is also relatively small. It can power your MacBook Pro, or it can power a phone and a tablet at the same time thanks to its two-port configuration.

Anker 623 Magnetic Wireless Charger

A stylish looking cylindrical dual wireless charger. The top can flip out and hold your iPhone with magnets while charging. This reveals a second wireless charging pad below, which is perfectly capable of placing your earbud cover there.

Anchor 524 power strip

A small cube-shaped power strip that saves a lot of space, yet offers a lot of connectivity options with its 3 sockets, 3 USB A ports and one USB C port. AC delivers full power, USB outs are 30 W max.

Anchor 321 power strip

An even smaller cube with 3 full power outlets and 3 USB A ports delivering 18W of power.

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