Beelink GTi11 mini PC workstation review

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The GTi11 is Beelink’s most powerful Intel-based mini PC and it struggles to tip the price-performance ratio favorably towards it, mainly because it doesn’t offer the only major advantage an Intel platform can currently offer, Thunderbolt 4 Simple. said, Beelink’s AMD-based workstations offer much more bang for the buck, albeit at a slightly higher premium.

That doesn’t mean the GTi11 is a bad product, far from it. It’s powered by one of Intel’s fastest quad-core mobile processors, has a generous amount of memory and storage plus some great features like dual 2.5GbE LAN ports, support for 8K video, a fingerprint reader, dual microphones and much more.

The problem is, Beelink offers the same PC for a small premium, but with an AMD Ryzen 9 4900H, a CPU that’s nearly twice as powerful as the Core i5 in the GTi 11, destroying it in most benchmarks. This makes it unlikely to be a best workstation (opens in new tab) list unless you are committed to using Intel.

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