Battery life still an issue for iPhone users nearly two weeks after installing iOS 16

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It’s hard to imagine anyone with an iPhone 12 Pro Max or an iPhone 13 Pro Max complaining about battery life. Heck, even the iPhone 11 Pro Max will get you through at least an entire day on a single charge. But according to some Twitter subscribers posting to the platform, some iPhone users have noticed a decrease in battery life since the release of iOS 16.

For example on Twitter Alise Arndt (@Teachrrcoach) sounded like she was speaking on behalf of many iPhone users when she tweeted, “The reason I bought Pro Max was because of the battery life, that all changed after the iOS 16 update!” Another Twitter user with the username @DeclanFOM explains how badly his iPhone’s battery life has deteriorated. He tweeted: “Goed from 3 days of use before plugging in – to 5 to 7 hours a day before needing to charge! Grrrr!”

iPhone users notice a decrease in battery life since installing iOS 16

A Redditor with an iPhone 13 Pro Max has noticed a decrease in its battery life since installing iOS 16. AssistanceFuture8625 posted “My battery usage is massively more than I used to be. I work at the office and don’t use my 13 hours during the day that much, nothing has changed in my behavior. On iOS 15 I usually came home with 85% – 90% over. With iOS 16 is between 65% – 75%, which I think is quite a LOT when I hardly use my phone.”

He adds: “I just check a news site and email during my break and Instagram for a few minutes. But no more than half an hour to an hour MAX. Work is work, no time for phones while working. As long as it’s a 5 % difference would be good, but it’s almost 20% while there’s no extra usage than usual.”

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Another Reddit user says: Comfortable-Key-71 says, “Battery on 13 pro max drains like crazy. It went from 11-12 hours SOT to just 7 hours and it runs like hell when I do FaceTime or PiP, it just lags in general. I know that it will take a few days for the phone to go back to normal, but it’s been almost a week. I’m considering going back to 15.7, but I might need some opinions first.”

The iOS 16.0.2 update has not fixed any bugs that would affect the battery on iPhone 13 models and older

To be fair, a small drop in battery life is expected with the first update to a new OS build as the phone does things in the background to make sure it runs smoothly with the new OS build. And this is all the more true after a major update like the one that came with iOS 16. However, it has been almost two weeks and all adjustments made in the background should be completed.

Of course there are people who say that Apple is purposely increasing battery consumption to get more iPhone users to upgrade to the new iPhone 14 series. We don’t believe that for a moment, but we have to point out that Apple released iOS 16.0.2 which fixed several bugs, including that weird issue that caused iPhone 14 Pro models to shake and grind when recording video with third-party apps.

You may have noticed that the iOS 16.0.2 update did not include a battery fix on iPhone models. But if this problem persists, we can’t blame it on the iOS 16 update and we may see pressure on Apple to fix what’s causing the iPhone battery drain. We’ll keep our ears to the ground and if we hear anything about an update to fix the battery, we’ll let you know and update this story.

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