Average prices for iPhone 14 and Apple 2022 appear to be rising

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In spite of the wider smartphone sales trend, iPhone shipments were up 3 percent from the same period last year during the third fiscal quarter, but other categories like Macs, iPad and wearables took a hit. That could stop Apple from raising the prices of its upcoming products, such as the iPhone 14, although the average price may still rise, hints Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman in the new edition of his Switch newsletter.

Given all this, Apple seems to be in a difficult position. The Cupertino giant is already dealing with a slowdown in product sales and would not want to drive consumers away by raising prices. However, this should not be ruled out as Apple’s new M2 MacBook Air is slightly more expensive than the previous model.

Earlier this month, a report said that the price of the iPhone 14 could rise by $100. The entry-level model is currently the 5.4-inch iPhone 13 mini and starts at $699, but no successor is expected this year, suggesting the base price will rise to $799 – which is the starting price for the 6.1-inch iPhone 13.

It goes without saying that the 6.7-inch iPhone 14 Max, which is introduced instead of the mini, will also be more expensive than the 6.1-inch standard model. So whether or not Apple pays an extra $100, you’ll probably pay more for the standard models, although they’re rumored to be very minor upgrades over their counterparts from last year.

Also, while it’s rumored that the standard iPhone 14 models will get more RAM than the variants they’ll replace, they’ll stick with the older standard, while the Pro’s will get faster RAM.

Apple also apparently has three watch models in the pipeline – the Apple Watch Series 8, a budget SE model and a new one robust Pro model. While the Series 8 and SE will likely be priced the same as their predecessors, the Pro will be a newcomer and is expected to have a bigger screen than any Apple smartwatch, a solid battery, a metal case and a new design, could be anywhere. cost between $900 and $999.

In short, regardless of whether Apple raises the starting price of the iPhone 14 series and its 2022 smartwatch lineup, the average price will probably still rise.

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