At the current rate, the flagship iPhone will cost more than $6,000 by 2032

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More than $999 smartphones were unimaginable five to six years ago, but now it’s an acceptable price for flagship phones, with those with advanced camera specs like the Sony Xperia 1 IV or new technology like a foldable screen costs even more. Smartphone Marketplace mozillion says we could pay more than $6,000 for premium phones by 2032.
Apple’s 2017 iPhone X was the first phone to sell for $999 and despite that price tag it proved to be a success, so it’s no wonder other companies like Samsung quickly followed suit. This had a ripple effect and even Chinese companies like Oppo, which were known for making affordable phones, couldn’t resist the trend.

Mozillion analyzed the rise in the cost of smartphones over the past decade, and based on that, the company has made some predictions about how much further smartphone prices will rise in the next decade.

iPhone has had a bigger price increase than any other smartphone

The price of flagship iPhones has risen from $199 in 2012 for the iPhone 5 to $1,099 for the iPhone 13 Pro Max, a 452 percent increase. If this trend continues, the 2032 iPhone could cost $6,069.

Surprisingly, the Motorola and Huawei flagships top the list of phones that have seen the biggest price hike in the last decade. High-end phones from Huawei could sell for more than $3,300 by 2032, assuming the current trend of a 221 percent increase continues.
for the The US has blacklisted Huawei, their phones used to be 30 percent cheaper than competing devices, but with the company struggling to source components, there is a shortage of its devices on the market, leading to a price hike.

The price of Motorola’s high-end phones has risen from $299.99 in 2012 to $999.99 in 2022, making them 233 percent more expensive.

Samsung comes in fourth with an increase of about 184 percent for its best, most specified phones. The price of premium Nokia phones has risen the least in the past decade, at just 55 percent. Forecasts for other popular brands are as follows:
  • OnePlus: $2,342 after a 142 percent increase
  • Sony: $2,358 after a 105 percent increase
While interesting, the report should not be taken as a definitive forecast. That said, as the price of everything from food to fuel rises and resources shortages hitting the world could very well cause prices to rise. In addition, consumers who do not live in the country of origin also have to pay import duties and taxes. Let’s hope our salaries stay the same.

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