Apple’s premium Beats Fit Pro is a top-shelf bargain with a 1-year warranty

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For several years largely ignored from a marketing perspective, Apple’s once-premium Beats brand has managed to not only survive, but thrive after making a few rock-solid additions in 2021 to consolidate the parent company’s lead and even beyond. expand. any other true wireless earbud supplier in the world.

Cheaper and just as capable (if not more) than the best-selling AirPods and AirPods Pro, the noise cancellation Unsurprisingly, Beats Studio Buds and Fit Pro appealed to a large audience of their own, consisting of more than just iPhone users.
But with the potentially groundbreaking AirPods Pro 2 finally around the corner, it is undeniably getting harder to justify, for example, the list price of $ 199.95 of the high-end Beats Fit Pro. At $99.99, though, it’s pretty much impossible to say no to these bad guys in “Grade A” refurbished condition with a 1-year warranty included.
Granted, said warranty is provided by a company called eReplacements rather than Beats or Apple itself, and any refurbishments, no matter how flawless or well “graded” will certainly look a littleā€¦ off compared to brand new units.

But when you consider everything from the Fit Pro’s impressive list of features and the virtually unbeatable design in terms of comfort and, well, match the “as new” functionality that Woot only promises today at a huge discount of 50 percent, this is definitely a deal worth consideringā€¦ for people who somehow still have money to spend after Prime Day 2022.

Even if you hurry, we’re afraid you’ll have to settle for a Stone Purple flavor from these excellent-sounding, long-lasting, Apple H1-powered buds, which really isn’t a bad color to own, especially if you like attention. with your intense workouts and long outdoor runs.

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