Apple’s mixed reality headset will reportedly include the M2 chip

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We have heard about the coming Apple mixed reality AR/VR headset for a long time, but as the release gets closer and closer, new details are emerging and this latest report by Bloomberg reveals that the gadget will come with the new M2 processor in the base version and will have a whopping 16 GB of RAM.

And with an M2 chip and 16 GB of RAM, this is clearly going to be a high-end, high-performance device. So far we’ve heard that the mixed reality headset may look like today’s VR headsets, but instead of fully immersing yourself in the world of virtual reality, you have on-device cameras and at the touch of a button. button you would be able to see the world around you without having to take it off.

We should mention that this latest report contradicts previous predictions made by knowledgeable industry analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who has portrayed that the gadget will come with a dual processor configuration consisting of a single chip with M1-like capabilities and a secondary, less powerful processor that would handle all the data from the multiple sensors in the device. This latest report makes no mention of a dual-chip design, but it doesn’t deny it outright either.

The alleged M2 chip/16GB RAM combination also clearly shows that this device will be expensive. A comparably spec’d Macbook Air would cost north of $1,400, and given the all-new components used in the mixed-reality headset, we can clearly see any of those rumored over $2,000 price points are well justified.

Now’s also a good time to say that Apple’s plan for AR is just getting started with this cool and expensive mixed reality headset, but the company is also expected to follow suit with a second device that looks a lot like regular glasses with less powerful components and features. AR capabilities only (no VR headset).

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