Apple’s AirTag helps police find stolen backpack and arrest alleged thief

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“Oh no, thief! Don’t worry, the AirTag is here to save your backpack”… Sounds like one of those creepy old-fashioned TV ads, but hey, something like this happened in Charlotte, NC, when a backpack with a AirTag attached to it was stolen. Police were able to track down and arrest the suspect thanks to Apple’s tiny item tracker, reports AppleInsider

Police appear to have a new investigator… Apple’s AirTag

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police tracked the suspect of the stolen backpack using the information from the AirTag. Reportedly, the item tracker was able to lead police to the suspect’s door, using Apple’s Find My app. But then the thief reportedly escaped with his car (which still had the stolen backpack with him). Well, not for long. The police chased him, managed to find him and arrested him. The accused Mr. Green had reportedly been arrested five times before for other thefts (via

This brief AirTag success story is just one of many recently reported situations where Apple’s AirTag has managed to prevent crimes or locate suspects or stolen items.

The AirTag is basically an item tracker launched by Apple last year, and it’s a Tile-like item that you can attach to your belongings (such as bags, keys, etc.), then use Apple’s Find My network. use it to find them in case you lost them.

It is important to mention that AirTag comes with built-in anti-stalking measures and protections, and Apple has released more software updates since its release to make it even harder to be used for malicious purposes.

Despite this, some argue that the built-in anti-stalking features are not always consistent (a model previously claimed she was stalked for hours with an AirTag).

Whichever side of the argument you are on, one is clear: the AirTag does have success stories, such as helping to recover $7,000 in camera gear stolen in May 2022 and arrested a man of an attempted stalking, and even catch a mover in a lie.

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