Apple to make major changes to iPad Magic Keyboard

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iPads can increasingly serve as effective laptop replacements. With the arrival of iPadOS 16, the iPad Pro in particular has never been better equipped to handle all the tasks a typical Mac can handle.

However, there’s one crucial accessory your iPad needs to fill the shoes of any respectable laptop: a keyboard. According to information shown on PatentlyAppleMagic Keyboard for iPad may undergo some significant improvements.

With a price tag that can reach the ridiculous $349 mark, expect nothing but excellence from Apple’s Magic Keyboard. Unfortunately, that is not the case in the current iteration. There are at least three major flaws in this crucial Apple accessory that make or break the iPad laptop experience.

First, the current Magic Keyboard for the iPad lacks something that almost all alternatives on the market (including Apple’s own Smart Keyboard Folio) have – a clipboard mode. With this, we understand a way to configure the keyboard so that users can use the iPad like a typical tablet.

Currently, users need to disconnect the iPad from the Magic Keyboard to use the touchscreen interface effectively. This leaves the iPad exposed and prone to damage. The viewing angles the keyboard supports are simply not ideal for prolonged touchscreen input.

The patent solves this problem by adding support for a clipboard mode that allows users to fold the keyboard and easily write on the angled touchscreen surface.

In addition, the patent solves another notable problem with the current Magic Keyboard: it adds a special container for the Apple Pencil. Currently, the latter magnetically attaches to the iPad, but this solution rarely holds and the pencil falls off easily.

The only problem the new patent doesn’t address is the lack of protection the Magic Keyboard provides, or rather doesn’t provide. Perhaps this will be left to the next generation.

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