Apple response WWDC 2022: did Apple just teach Google and Samsung a lesson in… customization?!

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You may not have noticed, but Apple has really changed.

The company has always made beautiful, well-designed products, but when it comes to incorporating features into its products, well… it would like to remove rather than add! Needless to say, this approach has infuriated quite a few power users and created a very pronounced sense of resentment towards Apple.

But what we’ve seen in recent years shows that a new Apple has emerged and this new company is really listening to users.

It is difficult to determine what the low point was and where this transformation actually began. But all we know is that Apple has started to satisfy the needs of power users and win back both professional and casual users.

Apple turned a blind eye to user requests for years… until it all changed!

And this last WWDC only showed us that Apple is doubling down on that effort. How do we know? Well, for starters, Apple has solved the biggest joke it played on iPad users and finally brought a fully featured Weather app to iPadOS (and MacOS on the way too)!
Probably the biggest complaint from Android users considering switching to an iPhone is the lack of customization. And what do you know? The new iOS 16 lockscreen now gives you MORE customization options than most Android smartphones currently available! Want to see when the sunset is today? That can blow your mind! Do you want to see the weather forecast? The same goes for the lock screen. Technically, you can tinker with a Galaxy and its Good Lock app, but that’s a separate app made for enthusiasts that might scare the average user a bit due to its complexity.

Notifications too hard to reach at the top? iOS 16 has you covered: it now delivers notifications at the bottom where you can easily reach them. Remember when an Android phone did that? Not really, unless you go into custom mods and wear your hacking goggles.

And easily switch lock screens with just a swipe?! Yes, you can on iOS 16. Plus that each lock screen is tied to its own personal Focus mode? That goes way beyond what is currently possible on Android. And this used to be one of Android’s greatest strengths!
Another area where Apple showed that it listens well to users was iPad software. Apple tried for years to convince us that an iPad could be a laptop replacement, but let’s face it: the software kept the otherwise super-powerful M1 tablet from really shining. Well, enter iPadOS 16 and Stage Manager, which finally gives you a real multi-window experience (you’re limited to only 4 apps at a time, but that’s better than nothing).

And we’re only mentioning the bigger features, but there are tons of small fixes that were in high demand and finally Apple has listened and brought them. Files app on iPad now finally lets you rename files, easily see file sizes, you have a navigation button and so on.

For years, haptic feedback while typing on the keyboard was a cool little feature, only on Android. Now it’s available on iPhones!

The new MacBook Air… well, it brings MagSafe back! Guess? Another super popular feature that users have been eager to get back.

What comes next?

We were definitely pretty excited at that point in the event, and the only thing that would have made it sweeter would be if Apple got here and then announced it was transferring all iPhones to a USB-C port. Well, let’s dream for a while! Of course, that didn’t actually happen, but we know it could…next year! Although that does not happen exactly of Apple’s own will, but rather through a European mandate. This Apple keynote was packed with new features and it was exciting, even just for those “finally!” moments when Apple showed it cares and delivered long-awaited features. We have already installed the iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 betas and will be using them today. Stay tuned for some real world impressions tomorrow, and let us know what you think of everything Apple revealed! And do you also think that the company has changed in recent years?

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