Apple releases video answering questions about switching to iPhone from Android

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With the introduction of the 2022 iPhone 14 series, possibly in six weeks, Apple is taking the opportunity to plant a seed in the minds of Android users. A video released today by the Cupertino crew is titled “Switching to iPhone. All your questions answered.”

The video opens with the majestic front door of the Apple Store in Barcelona, ​​Spain. The video’s host (an Apple Genius) answers some of the most sought-after questions from Android users about switching to iOS and iPhone. “It’s a simple, easy process,” the host says. And as someone who has switched back and forth over the years, this writer should agree.

Considering making the switch from Android to iOS? Watch Apple’s New Video

The first question is whether it will be easy to transfer contacts, photos and messages from an Android phone to an iPhone. Thanks to Move to iOS app, found in the Google Play Store, the answer is “yes”. You can select what content you want to switch to your new iPhone, including messages, contacts, calendar, the camera roll, your Google account and more.
An Android owner wants to know that if he decides to buy an iPhone, he can trade in an Android phone? The answer is, of course, “yes,” unless the device is not eligible for a trade. In that case, Apple will help you recycle it. And if you’re not sure which iPhone to buy, Apple will help you decide.

Another question is, “If I switch to iPhone, will it hold up over time?” Our host says “sure” because the iPhone is durable and can withstand dust, spills and splashes. She also brings up battery life, which is nothing short of spectacular, especially with the iPhone 13 Pro Max. In our testing, the iPhone 13 Pro Max streamed 10 hours and 23 minutes of video, browsed the web for 18 hours and 52 minutes, and played 3D games for 10 hours and 29 minutes before it ran out of battery.

Those who switch to the iPhone will also experience the smooth performance of the handset that will last for years. This means that when it comes time to trade in your new iPhone, it “will still be valuable”. And Apple uses the video to point out that iOS is reliable and prevents the phone from crashing because it comes from Apple. Other phone manufacturers, our host notes, get their software from another company (meaning Google), leading to delayed updates that may be less reliable.

The next question is, “If I switch to iPhone, will it get the latest updates?” The answer is that the iPhone comes with the latest version of the operating system right out of the box. “This is another important thing Android users would love to have about owning an iPhone,” the host says. And to show how long Apple has been supporting older models, she notes that the iPhone 6s, released in 2015, still received iOS 15.

Try not to get caught up in the excitement that comes with the unveiling of a new phone

When it comes to protecting personal information, Apple says that “the iPhone was built from the ground up to protect your privacy and give you control over your information.” And if you need support from Apple to use your new device, the video says Apple is there so you can chat or iMessage with a real member of the company’s support staff without the Apple employee trying the old upsell.

Not only is the Tips app available to help you use the phone, but you can also go to an Apple Store and talk to the staff, even if you have yet to buy one.

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement surrounding the unveiling of both new iOS and Android phones. If you’re not a phone enthusiast, ask people you know about their experiences using a particular device. Go to a store and check out the phones they have on display by holding some in your hand to see how it feels. And keep coming back here for the latest news and reviews to help you make an informed decision.

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