Apple Maps could get a feature that Google Maps doesn’t have

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Apple Maps has come a long way since it was first released in 2012 as a replacement for Google Maps. The latter was still made available to iPhone users in the App Store (along with YouTube, which was also dropped as a native app with iOS 6). Initially, Apple Maps was a complete disaster. Some streets in cities and even countries were misnamed and some were not named at all. Wrong directions sent users to dangerous areas like the Australian Outback full of venomous snakes, very little water, three-digit temperatures and sparse cell phone reception.
As a result of the Apple Maps fiasco, iOS chief Scott Forstall left Apple after failing to sign an official apology regarding the feature. As a result, the company’s chief designer, Jony Ive, was tasked with redesigning iOS 7 the following year. Forstall’s days on Anyway, Apple could have been numbered when Steve Jobs passed away in 2011. Forstall and Ive reportedly did not collaborate and had differing opinions about the continued use of skeuomorphic designs for iOS.
Skeuomorphic designs are the well-known designs used in the first generation of Apple’s native apps, so users knew right away what a particular app was about. For example, using an old black and white television console for the YouTube app would be an example, as would a notepad for the Notes app. Forstall (and Steve Jobs) both loved Skeuomorphic design, while I preferred a more modern approach.

A tweet distributed by iOS developer Steve Moser (through Tom’s guide) reveals that he has found a code in the Apple Maps app that suggests that Apple could offer Apple Maps navigation for e-bikes, along with optimized routes and estimated time of arrival (ETA) for those riding them.

It’s not clear what the difference will be in the directions for non-electric and electric bikes, though one possibility is that the latter will feature steeper trails that are unlikely to be an obstacle for a motorized vehicle. If it turns out that Apple Maps will include navigation for e-bikes, that would be an advantage over Google Maps, which doesn’t optimize routes for e-bikes compared to regular bikes that require pedaling. But Google Maps shows users where to rent an e-bike, the expected time of their e-bike trip and the ETA.

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