Apple makes changes to App Store rules that allow subscription apps to automatically renew without authorization

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Apple made a change in the App Store rules which now allows App Store subscriptions to automatically renew every month, even if the subscription price has increased. The old rule required subscribers to sign up for a subscription renewal if it comes with a price increase. Now there is the possibility that one or more of your subscription apps will automatically renew at a higher price without unsubscribing.

Apple allows some subscription apps to auto-renew, even with a price hike

The problem is, unless you know how much you normally pay for these plans each month, you may not recognize a price increase if one is slammed down your throat. Apple does have an explanation for this new rule that it mentioned in a post posted to the Internet on Monday. The company wrote, “Currently, when an auto-renewable subscription price is increased, subscribers must opt-in before the price increase is applied. The subscription will not renew at the next billing period for subscribers who have not opted in to the new price.”

The tech giant claims that many who fail to sign up for the new, higher price tag have had their services inadvertently interrupted. This forces them to subscribe again in the app, through the Settings menu on their iPhone and iPad, or the App Store on a Mac. The new rule allows the subscription to continue under certain circumstances (more on that below) so that the subscriber doesn’t notice that their subscription has been canceled by mistake.

Apple does not require subscribers to approve an auto-renewal subscription under certain conditions. First, the subscription can only be increased once a year and the rate will not be increased by more than $5 or 50% of the monthly subscription price, or $50 and 50% of the annual subscription fee.

Apple says it changed rules to ensure subscribers don’t accidentally cancel a subscription app they need

In situations where a subscription automatically renews at a higher price, Apple says it “always notifies users of an increase in advance, including via email, push notifications, and an in-app message. Apple will also inform users on how to view, manage and cancel subscriptions, if desired.”
Apple adds that “for all subscription price increases that are above the thresholds, exceed the annual cap, or occur within areas where required by law, subscribers must opt-in before the price increase is applied. The subscription will not renew at the next subscriber billing period.” who have not signed up for the new prize.”

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