Apple launches Community+ to recognize the contribution of its best community members

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Interestingly enough, today, Apple quietly launched a new global program called Community+. The idea behind this initiative is to recognize, honor and celebrate members whose “positive attitude, expertise and curiosity to explore new solutions” have had a “big impact” on the Apple community.

According to Apple, Community+ program members have access to “special benefits, white glove experiences and more.” Unfortunately, Cupertino has not made it clear what these additional benefits are, nor has it specified how it plans to deliver the promised white glove, or in other words, a personalized and more premium experience to Community+ members.

While what Apple has prepared for Community+ members sounds interesting, there’s an important caveat here. Community+ membership is by invitation only. Each year, the company invites a small group of employees to participate in the program. In addition, invitations are limited because Cupertino “wants to keep the program offering fresh and unique.” So yeah, not to ruin your dreams or anything, but the chances of you getting into Apple’s Community+ program are very slim. However, Cupertino has left some hints about what kind of people will be in the Community+ program. As the company said, it’s looking for engaged and active “shining stars” — community members who share “quality content and helpful answers.” In addition, these members should also be role models who motivate others and uplift the community. So, if you want to see what Apple has in store for its Community+ members, take it a step further!

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