Apple is ignoring the new Metaverse Standards Body, as are Roblox and Niantic

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The metaverse isn’t going away, it seems, as Facebook’s mother Meta, as well as other Silicon Valley stalwarts like Microsoft, have come up with a new Metaverse Standards Forum that strives for “real-world interoperability” in the metaverse.

However, missing on board are current virtual universe giants such as Niantic and Roblox, as well as Apple, the big AR/VR elephant in the room that is expected to come with its own virtual reality device this or next year, tentatively dubbed. Apple Glasses.
Chipmakers such as Nvidia and even crypto companies that strive to facilitate the payment protocol for the virtual goods traded in the metaverse are participants in the Metaverse Standards Forum, but Decentraland or The Sandbox are not among the metaverse defaults here.

The lack of some of the top names in technology and virtual reality doesn’t deter Neil Trevett, the vice president of Developer Ecosystems at Nvidia, who will chair the Metaverse Standards Forum, as everyone is welcome to join one day.

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