Apple Insider Says Bugs Could Delay iOS 16 Public Beta 1 Release

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Apple will unveil iOS 16 on June 6 during the opening day of WWDC 2022, which will run through Friday, June 10. According to a tweet from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurmanthe release of the first public beta of iOS 16 will take place in July, along with the developer beta of iOS 16.
Gurman notes that typically the first public beta of iOS is released at the same time as the second developer beta, meaning the scenario he sees suggests there could be a delay in the release of the first public beta of iOS 16. Gurman says that internally, Apple sees some bugs with iOS 16, although he writes that things are still fluid and can change.
Thinking about joining the iOS public beta program? Keep in mind that it is not a good idea to install beta software on the iPhone that you use as a daily driver. That’s because a beta version isn’t stable and some of the features you’re counting on to work may be disabled by the beta software. For example, if you participate in the iOS 13 public beta program, the long battery life you enjoy using the iPhone 13 Pro Max may shrink significantly until iOS 16 is officially released.

Additionally, iOS 16 will supposedly have enhanced “mega widgets” known within Apple as “InfoShack”. This allows iPhone users to create customizable widgets. Apple spectacularly added Android-style widgets to iOS last year, and the latter has already surpassed Android when it comes to widgets.

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