Apple could introduce USB-C and other major upgrades to its next entry-level iPad

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The new entry-level 10th-generation iPad can get a significant upgrade from the current 9th-generation. According to a new report from 9to5MacApple can replace the Lightning connector on its budget tablet with a USB-C.

If the rumor is true, this is great news, as the cheapest iPad is the only one in the lineup that still uses the Lightning connector. Apple introduced USB-C in the iPad Pro in 2018, the iPad Air in 2020 and the iPad mini in 2021.

USB-C is much better than Apple’s Lightning connector. It offers faster transfer rates and is an industry standard connector, meaning you can easily connect your iPad to other accessories, including external hard drives, card readers, and even audio interfaces. In comparison, Apple’s Lightning connector is based on USB 2.0, which is slower than USB-C, and can only be connected to devices that support MFi Lightning. Devices with USB-C require adapters. Another rumor has it that the next-generation entry-level iPad could have a bigger and better screen. According to the report, the screen could grow to a diagonal of up to 10.5 or even 10.9 inches. It is also said that the 10th generation iPad will have the exact same resolution as the display of the iPad Air.

Given how Apple insists on keeping the Retina displays of its iPads at a pixel-per-inch density of exactly 264, having the same resolution means the base iPad will have the exact same screen size as the iPad Air (2022) – 10.9 inches. At least that’s the conclusion we can draw based on this 9to5Mac report.

The 10th-generation iPad may also come with the A14 Bionic chip, which can be found in the iPad Air (2020), which, compared to the current A13 silicon, should improve performance by about 30%. Also, the next-gen iPad probably supports 5G and could have Bluetooth 5.0 and Wi-Fi 6 connectivity.

Currently, we don’t know if Apple will change the design of the new 10th-generation iPad. Being the budget version, Apple has kept the old-fashioned look so far, with the bezels and the home button. But a bigger and better screen with a different port suggests Cupertino also needs a new, refreshed design for its next tablet, so we really hope to see that when Apple unveils its 10th-generation iPad.

As for the price, the 9th-generation LTE version started at $460 and the Wi-Fi-only model started at $329. We expect similar prices for the next-generation iPad as well.

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