Another price hike is coming to Verizon, and it’s just as bad as AT&T’s

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While it’s never nice to have to pay more for the same services or goods, we were actually quite pleasantly surprised by the “economic adjustment costs” (read monthly rate increases) announced by Verizon almost a month ago.

That is because we saw them all coming, and compared to how AT&T chose to deal with inflation spiraling out of control less than two weeks earlier, Big Red seemed quite considerate to its customers, adding a small new recurring fee of $1.35 to millions of accounts.
Unfortunately (though not entirely surprising), it looks like a second round of price hikes is on the way, impacting fewer users…at $6 a month and up. Yes, This time, Verizon takes a page straight from AT&T’s playbook and pulls out all the stops to increase those unlimited subscription numbers, while of course boosting its profit margins.

Exactly the same $6 and $12 increases for single and multiple lines, respectively, will be imposed by Verizon on “metered postpaid consumer plans” in addition to on the aforementioned new fee, meaning some customers will see their monthly bills double in just one month.

According to a document leaked on YouTube and essentially confirmed as authentic by the nation’s largest mobile network operator for the people over on CNETAffected customers include, but are not limited to, those on More Everything, More Everything Loyalty, The Verizon Plan, The New Verizon Plan, and 5GB/10GB shared plans.

As you can imagine, unlimited plan users will not be affected in any way by this latest change, and the same goes for prepaid and business customers. The excuse that Big Red is offering for the price hikes that will take effect “no earlier than” July 19 is downright laughable, as it has apparently become more expensive to “maintain” the aforementioned legacy plans (as well as others like her).

While Verizon insists it doesn’t “require” anyone on what’s called a “Shared Data Plan” to upgrade to its so-called “unlimited” service, it’s easy to see why some people affected by this move would be reluctant to upgrade. maybe feel like that’s exactly what’s happening here.

If you’re not quite sure you’ll be able to pay your phone bill anytime soon, don’t worry, Verizon will formally notify you of all the new charges starting next week, giving you plenty of time to switch to T-Mobile before July 19. By the way, does anyone still think it was a good idea for Big Red to essentially attacking the “Un-carrier” on semantics last week?

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