Another app mentions the Galaxy Watch 5 and Buds 2 Pro; launch approaching

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Samsung’s announcement The company’s Galaxy Watch 5 series and Galaxy Buds 2 Pro earbuds are undoubtedly close. The tech giant has added its upcoming smartwatches and earbuds to its Wearable app, which is another sign that Samsung will – as expected – most likely announce its new watch range and earbuds in August. As TizenHelp reported first, a Samsung Community Member found it Note that the Wearable app will now list the Galaxy Watch 5 and Buds 2 Pro as supported devices when you try to pair your phone with a new wearable.

However, the Galaxy Wearable app isn’t the only application to mention the Galaxy Watch 5 series and the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro ahead of their launch. It was noticed last month that the Samsung Health Beta app also lists these wearables as compatible devices.

From everything mentioned so far, it appears that Samsung is slowly preparing its apps for the Galaxy Watch 5 series and the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro. Furthermore, the Galaxy Watch 5 smartwatches have appeared on Samsung’s support site, implying an announcement in August is very likely.

As for what other new gadgets we can see from Samsung at a potential event in August, we expect the tech giant to release the fourth generation of its foldable phones, the Galaxy Flip 4 and Galaxy fold 4.

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