Android on Apple phone? Samsung mocked for using iPhone to promote app

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We all make mistakes at work, but not all of us get a chance to fix them before they hit the headlines. Example: Samsung, which used images of competitor Apple’s iPhone for a promotional campaign for the Samsung Members app.

recent popular Samsung and Apple phones are nothing alike, with the former notable notch cutouts for the selfie camera, while the latter has a notch for the inclusion of the front snapper and other sensors, although the notched screen is rumored to be coming in the fall. will disappear.
That’s why Samsung Community members were quick to point out that a recent banner image advertising for new themes showed an iPhone and not a Samsung phone. Community participants swiped at the South Korean company by posting comments like “Yes? Did the Galaxy have a notch? The person in charge is using an iPhone, so only the iPhone is visible”, “Android software on Apple phone haha”, and “Looks like there are some Samsung Electronics employees who don’t use Samsung phones.”

When Samsung realized what had happened, a moderator posted a message saying that the person responsible for the image had made a mistake and that the image would be edited, which is exactly what happened
The image was then updated using a Galaxy phone with a hole.

It’s not the first time Samsung has used an iPhone to promote a product. For example, in 2018, Samsung’s Nigerian and Saudi Arabian Twitter accounts used an iPhone to type out promotional tweets for the Galaxy Note 9. In 2021, the company was caught again using an iPhone to tease the then-unreleased Galaxy S21.

The company also had to remove posts mocking Apple for removing chargers from the iPhone box after it decided to do the same. Samsung recently called Oppo’s foldable Find N “pretty ah-mazing” on Twitter, but since the comment hasn’t been removed, it seems the company was genuinely praising its rival.

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