Android 13 may finally force Samsung to apply seamless updates

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Androids The Seamless Updates feature that allows you to install major OS version updates in the background while using your phone as you normally would has been around in the last few editions.

It wasn’t mandatory though, so manufacturers like: Samsung often chose the old way of doing updates that don’t eat up storage space for a temporary partition where the background installations took place.
Of However, Android 13 should even Samsung enable the Seamless updates option if Mishal Rahman discovered that the latest version of Google’s mobile operating system comes with the virtual A/B partition approach.
However, in Android 13, Google has developed a new method to reduce the size of the virtual partition needed for seamless updates to work, and OEMs will have little excuse not to switch to the new OTA update method.

Like it or not, Android phone manufacturers will seemingly be required to deliver major Android updates behind the scenes while we do something else on their phones.

It remains to be seen whether Google’s mandate can be dissolved as soon as possible Samsung’s phones will get the official Android 13 builds and after that, the first major features and security update will arrive. If this happens as a seamless update, Samsung may have finally dropped its unspoken opposition to Google’s virtual A/B partition method.

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