Android 13 for tablets brings a taskbar, enhanced multitasking and more useful features

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Bee Google’s I/O conference today, the search engine giant officially presented Android 13. But apart from upgrading our smartphones, of course it brings a lot of special features tailored to Android tablets.

Those were demonstrated today with some much-needed UI and multitasking changes:

Most notably, from a user interface point of view, Android 13 will bring an updated notification shade, put more information in an instant, and take better advantage of a tablet’s large screen, as shown below.

As we can see, the notification panel is split in two halves and contains the new material you design with rounded corners, which we also get on smartphones. We can also see the number of active apps currently running in the lower left corner, and along with the latest notifications, we get immediate access to control settings such as brightness, sharing, etc.

Finally – a taskbar!

Something I know many of us power users have wanted on Android tablets and iPads for a while is finally coming to one of those two! And that would be a desktop or Chrome OS like app taskbar attached to the bottom even if you open an app, as shown below:

Pressing the little icon on the right side of the taskbar will show you all your available apps, similar to a Start menu on a Windows PC, so you can easily access your apps from anywhere.

iPad-like drag and drop coming to Android tablets too

Now something that we’ve had on iPads, but only now coming to Android tablets – drag and drop support. This means that not only can you drag and drop images from, say, your gallery app to a messaging app, as shown below, but even drag an app from the notification shade to your current app to open a split screen!

Swipe up to see an overview of your running apps

Another handy feature that Google demonstrated today is “swipe up to overview,” which lets you see the apps you’ve recently used to quickly and easily switch between them.

Apps that were split screen with other apps will stay that way when you use them again – handy!

Google is also updating more than 20 of its apps to look better on Android tablets

These include YouTube music, optimized Google Maps with more information, and updated posts with a multi-column view. Third-party apps like Facebook and Tik Tok are also said to have a refreshed look on Android 13.

And that’s pretty much what we got today in terms of Android 13 on tablets, and while it’s not much at first glance, those updates sound pretty exciting to us tablet fans! Right?

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