Amazon’s Exclusive New Beats Studio Buds Flavor Is Highly Discounted For The First Time

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While Apple doesn’t seem to have any plans to The industry-leading AirPods (or AirPods Pro) in a second color, the “fastest-selling Beats product to date” worldwide, made its commercial debut almost a year ago in no less than three different shades.

An extra trio of even funky paint jobs was then unveiled a few months ago alongside some nifty new features for Beats Studio Buds owners with Android phones in their possession, but while all three of these colors can of course be purchased directly from Apple has limited their third-party availability to one major US retailer each.
Normally priced at the same $150 as the “original” models, the Amazon-exclusive Moon Gray version is discounted today (and today only) for the very first time. We’re talking about a pretty substantial price cut of $35, which equates to a cool 23 percent drop off the aforementioned list price, and what’s interesting about this deal is that it doesn’t apply to the “old” black, white, and red. shades.
Of course, those three have been on sale a number of times before at special prices, down to just $100 a pair. something tells us that Black Friday (and early Christmas) promotion just might return (or even get better) during Amazon’s upcoming Prime Day 2022 festival, but if you just can’t wait until July or resist this… slightly unusual gray color for a pair of true wireless earbuds, now is definitely the day to pull the trigger.
The Moon Grey-coated Beats Studio Buds are currently cheaper than Best Buy’s discounted Ocean Blue flavor and Target’s $150 Sunset Pink units, with all models naturally sharing the same state-of-the-art active noise canceling technology, premium sound, sporty yet stylish design with IPX4 water resistance, solid battery life, and flawless connectivity with both iPhones and Android handsets.

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