Amazon Prime Day Phone Deals 2022: Early Deals Are Here

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Looking for a cheap new phone? Yes, we all know that flagship phones are quite expensive these days; however, lucky for us, great sales events like Amazon Prime Day is here to save our wallets from extinction (or from growing legs and running away…). This year Prime Day is set for July 12 and 13, so the clock is ticking as we eagerly await some great deals.
The thing is, though, when the shopping craze kicks in, offers come from all over and can be a lot to digest and understand, and that’s where we come in. This article aims to help you filter the best Amazon Prime Day phone deals as they appear.

But for now, while we eagerly await the discounts, here are some predictions about what to expect, based on our experience with the sales event in previous years.

There is one important thing to mention here. To get a Prime Day discount at Amazon during the event, you must be a Prime Member. When the time comes, you can click the link below and get your Prime subscription ready to score some generous phone discounts:

Best Amazon Prime Day deals right now

Amazon has dropped a number of phones as part of its list of Early Prime Day deals.

Prime Day Samsung Galaxy deals expectations

Samsung Galaxy Phones: If you’ve got your eyes on upgrading this year and Prime Day is the day for you, then you’ll be pleased to learn that the sales event usually offers generous discounts on the hottest Galaxy phones out there.

Let’s get into the details of what to expect: the mighty powerful Galaxy S22 series will definitely be discounted at the sales event. U.S Prime Day Samsung Phone Deals article takes a closer look at what to expect based on model, in case you’re interested. But to cut a long story short, the S22 series will appear in between the deals, and we can probably see the year-old S21 getting some irresistible offers as well.

Last year the S21 series was about 25% off Amazon and Best Buy, so get ready for a similar deal this year with the S22.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a cool foldable phone this Prime Day, the Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3 are great candidates for your attention.

You can expect around 10-20% off for those phones at retailers, and carriers may have hot trade-in deals available as well. For reference, the Z Fold 2 and Z Flip 2, which were the most popular foldables last year, were slashed by $200 at Best Buy, so yes, the hope is the same will unfold in the summer of 2022.

But as you may know, Samsung doesn’t just sell premium phones. The South Korean company has good value for money. We expect phones like the Galaxy S21 FE and Galaxy A53 to get irresistible price tags on Prime Day on Amazon and Samsung’s website.

Last year, that’s exactly what happened to their predecessors: the S20 FE was discounted $200 at Amazon, while the A52 and A42 were discounted on!

Prime Day iPhones Deals Expectations

Okay, let’s talk about Apple. We all know it can be quite an interesting challenge to search for a deal on an iPhone (especially the latest one!). Well the best iPhone Prime Day deals are for refurbished devices, but that’s not set in stone like last year, we saw the hot-to-the-time iPhone 12 generously discounted at Best Buy. So yes, we can expect some iPhone 13 deals, especially at Best Buy.

In case you’re curious about the details, the most generous iPhone deals at last year’s sales event were on display at Best Buy with carrier activation. At the time, the iPhone 12 mini was available for just $499 with a Verizon subscription, while the iPhone 12 was discounted by $100 for AT&T customers at the retailer. You may want to think about your contract with your carrier if you want to buy an iPhone during the sale.

But, as we mentioned above, refurbished iPhones were even more discounted at Amazon. If you don’t mind buying a refreshed iPhone, you’re in for a treat this Prime Day, as those are sure to be generously discounted at the retailer.

Prime Day Google Pixel deals expectations

Last year, the Pixels were a little shy when it came to Prime Day discount. To set the stage: $50 off at Best Buy for the Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a, $80 off for a refreshed Pixel 5 at Amazon during the sales event.

This year we have Prime Day Pixel 6 deals to look forward to, and we’re certainly excited to see what deals retailers and carriers can surprise us with this year for these handsets.

Prime Day Deals on OnePlus Phone Expectations

Amazon and OnePlus were so ready for Prime Day deals last year, and the discounts there were just amazing! At the time, the OnePlus 8 (this phone was a year old when Prime Day sales began) got a great discount of $350 at Amazon, while the OnePlus 8T was discounted $150 on the OnePlus website, while the OnePlus 8 was discounted $300. got!

Based on that information, you can expect the OnePlus 9 series to receive an irresistibly low price tag during the shopping event this year. On top of that, the OnePlus 10 Pro is also likely to join the discounts, but the price tag could be closer to retail price.

Prime Day Motorola Phones Deals Expectations

Amazon Prime Day was an instant hit for Motorola phone users last year. Many Moto phones were discounted at Best Buy and Amazon, and the deals were very exciting. For example, $200 off the Motorola One 5G, $220 off the Motorola edge, $240 off the Moto Razr 2020… very generous offers, we might add!

We expect the powerful Motorola Edge+ to be discounted on Amazon and on Motorola’s website for Prime Day 2022.

Prime Day affordable Nokia phones has expectations

As you may know, Nokia is currently also targeting budget-friendly phones, just like Motorola. The cool thing is that during last year’s Prime Day, most Nokia phones were about 10-20% cheaper compared to their retail price.

Are Prime Day Cell Phone Deals Worth It?

That’s a pretty good question, and there’s no definitive answer as to whether Prime Day deals on cellphones are worth it. In our experience, both scenarios are possible – some phones received extremely good discounts in recent years, but some other devices were discounted a bit more modestly in terms of Prime Day deals.

Prime Day cell phone deals are worth it, especially if it’s a pure discount, like Amazon or Best Buy. Of course, it’s also a good strategy to pick a good plan with your carrier regarding a deal on a phone you like. Just make sure you calculate everything yourself and don’t forget to ask your provider whatever question comes to mind in case you’re curious about a deal.

How to get the best mobile phone deals on Prime Day?

While finding the best deal can be a challenge, we’ve got some tips that might come in handy when the sales event kicks off. First of all, we recommend making sure that you keep track of price changes for a product you have your eyes on.

To track price changes on a phone you like, you can add it to your card without ordering, and that way you can be notified by Amazon if the price tag changes. Plus, you can compare the price of the same device at other retailers or your carrier to get a bigger picture of the deal you’re considering taking.

On how to get the best Prime Day deal, we even have a nice guide on how to shop Prime Day deals, with tips and tricks you can use during the sale to make the best purchase.

The best phone deals now live

Although Amazon Prime Day is now less than a week away (starting July 12), there are still some generous deals available. We’ve rounded up some of the best phone deals currently available for those of you who are a little patient. Check them out!

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