Amazon Prime Day 2022: Complete Guide and Current Deals

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Amazon Prime Day 2022 is now less than a week ago. Prime Day, one of the biggest shopping events on the calendar, will grace us with plenty of great deals on tech products. However, sometimes the multitude of tempting offers can make you spin.

That’s where we come in! In this article, we answer your most pressing Amazon Prime Day questions, share our expectations for the event, and when July 12 comes around, we’ll share the best deals we find on tech here. This is how you get the most out of your Prime purchases.

Amazon has already launched some early Prime Day deals. The deals are now only on TVs, but boy, those deals are hot! They’re listed below in the early Amazon Prime Day deals section. Let’s dive in!

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Keep an eye out for our selections of Prime Day deals:

Amazon has now launched some early Prime Day deals

The retailer has now launched a great discount on the Z Fold 3 (although this deal isn’t necessarily an early Prime deal, it’s definitely worth noting):

There are also deals on some more affordable phones, such as the OnePlus Nord N200, the rugged Nokia XR20 and the Samsung Galaxy A13 LTE.

If you’ve been looking for a TV this year, now’s your chance. Amazon has discounted some of its own TVs, as well as models from Insignia and Toshiba as early Prime Day deals. Please note that these deals require Prime membership (get your free trial from the link above). Watch the deals live now:

What is Amazon Prime Day?

Prime Day is a two-day shopping event held every year, offering generous discounts across all product categories at Amazon, including technology such as phones, tablets, headphones, smartwatches, and Amazon’s own line of Kindle readers. The only catch: You have to be a Prime member.

The first Prime Day was held in 2015, as a way to celebrate Amazon’s 20th anniversary with its Prime members. Since then, it has been held every year with generous deals covering Amazon’s entire portfolio.

When is Amazon Prime Day?

Amazon has now officially revealed the dates for its 2022 shopping event. Amazon Prime Day 2022 begins July 12 at 3 a.m. EDT and lasts 48 hours through July 13. Earlier rumors proved to be somewhat accurate when predicting an event in mid-July. The sales event this year starts on a Tuesday and ends on a Wednesday.

Below we have the Prime Day dates from previous years for reference, and the official dates for this year’s Prime Day:

How long does Prime Day last?

For the past few years, Amazon Prime Day has run for 48 hours. That wasn’t always the case, though: The first Prime Day deals event was a 24-hour shopping event, and in 2017 it extended to a 30-hour event. 2018 took another long haul as it grew in popularity and that year Prime Day lasted 36 hours. In 2019, Prime Day lasted a whopping 48 hours.

Since then, Amazon has decided to stick with the 48-hour sale event. Again, the 2022 event will again run for 48 hours, so you’ll have plenty of time to get the technology you want most.

Basically, Amazon and sellers on Amazon are generously discounting products when Prime Day starts. Amazon announces Prime Day deals are available, then you can browse through them to make your purchase on the official Prime Day Deals Page† When you find something you like, you can add it to your cart as you would any other day.

Do you have to be a Prime Member to buy Prime Day deals?

Yes. To take advantage of the Amazon Prime Day discount, you do need an Amazon Prime membership. If you don’t have one, you can get a free 30-day trial of Amazon Prime just in time. The Amazon Prime membership ensures fast delivery and a great shopping experience, so if you plan on being a long-term Amazon customer, getting the Amazon Prime membership is great.

And Prime membership isn’t technically free on Prime Day. But Prime comes with a 30-day free trial that you can get just in time for Prime Day to take advantage of the generous deals on phones and other products. In the end, if you don’t like the subscription, you can of course cancel it. However, the Prime membership is not only useful for Prime Day shopping, but it also gives you other benefits such as free two-day delivery and free same-day delivery in select areas, streaming benefits, reading benefits and other shopping benefits.

How are you preparing for Amazon Prime Day 2022?

As you may already know, preparing for Prime Day in advance is great. Knowing what you want to buy and setting a budget for yourself are also good habits to not spend too much money during the shopping event. Another useful thing to do is enable Alexa notifications for Prime Day deals. If you’re a Prime member, you can notify Alexa of deals up to 24 hours in advance.

To enable the notifications, you need to open the Alexa app, click More > Settings > Notifications before tapping Amazon Shopping. You can then search for Shopping recommendations and enable Deal recommendations.

What deals to expect on Prime Day 2022

Amazon usually cuts the prices of Amazon products liberally during the sales event, so Amazon Fire tablets, Kindles, and Echo speakers will see the biggest discounts. However, we expect that other products will also be discounted. Here are the items we expect to see discounted in the tech category during Prime Day:

  • Amazon Fire Tablets
  • Amazon Kindle
  • Amazon Echo speakers and earbuds
  • iPhones (although mainly refurbished devices)
  • Samsung Galaxy Phones
  • Earbuds and Headphones (Sony models, Bose, JBL)
  • Smartwatches (Apple Watch, Galaxy Watch)

How to find the best Prime Day deals

Here are some tips that may be helpful to you when looking for the best Prime Day deals:

  • Get a Prime trial (make sure it runs throughout the event, so wait for the dates to be official and calculate when you can get your trial).
  • Know what you want to buy and set a budget for yourself. It is best to have an idea of ​​what products you want so that you don’t spend too much money on all the offers during the sales event. Set a budget so you don’t overspend.
  • Make a priority list of products you want. This way you can go to the 2nd or the 3rd if your top number 1 priority item is not discounted.
  • Keep an open mind for surprise offers. Buying a product that you didn’t intend to, but that will be useful to you and is heavily discounted, is not a sin.
  • Check prices when Prime Day starts, but stay tuned for changing deals (Amazon publishes several deals during the 48-hour period).

How long do Amazon Prime Day deals last?

Prime Day deals on Amazon last 48 hours, officially. However, this has some interesting aspects that you may want to keep an eye on. First, if supplies run out, they may not be replenished before the end of Prime Day. Second, some sellers may have deals even after the event has ended (but don’t count on that, as it’s up to the seller to decide which deal they want to publish after the shopping event and whether they want to do it on all of them).

Also, other retailers may have deals that last longer than the Prime Day period, so check them out too. You may also want to check our website after the event, because if there’s a good deal, we’ve got it for you.

Last year’s best Prime Day deals

Last year’s best Prime Day deals were on Amazon products. Last year we saw discounts ranging from 23% to a whopping 41% on Amazon Kindle devices. Echo speakers also got great deals in the 50% realm. As for phones, the S21 Ultra was $400 off during its sales event at Amazon, and Motorola phones also received generous discounts (ranging from $70 on the Moto G Stylus to $220 on the Motorola edge).

As for wearables, the Galaxy Watch 3 was generously discounted at $150, and many Garmin smartwatch models were discounted (for example, the Fenix ​​5X Sapphire was over 50% off, meaning $303 off!).

In the earbuds and headphones department, the Galaxy Buds Plus were discounted 43% during the retail event, while the Pro and Live models were discounted by about 15%. Overall, the best Prime Day deals were on Amazon products, Samsung Galaxy phones and smartwatches, Garmin and Fitbit smartwatches, and budget-friendly devices like Moto phones. The discounts on iPhones and Apple gear were more modest.

Where to find alternative Prime Day deals

Fortunately, Amazon isn’t the only place to get great discounts during Prime Day. Many other retailers are slashing their prices for Amazon Prime Day, so you may be in luck with some good sales on phones at Walmart, Best Buy, and Target. usual, Best Buy Prime deals are quite generous, both on iPhones (mainly remodeled or pre-owned models, or carrier-locked) and Samsung Galaxy phones, as well as other products.

Prime Day deals at Target last year were labeled “Deal Days” and the discounts were available there for the entire 3 days. Walmart Prime Day deals are also expected to be present during the retail event; there was the name of the shopping event “Deals for Days 2021”.

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