Amazon is already bringing the unlocked OnePlus 10 Pro 5G to an insane price

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Despite its very young age (at least in the US), the fairly well-reviewed OnePlus 10 Pro powerhouse has already been on sale a few times, both from the manufacturer and from major third-party retailers such as Best Buy and Amazon.

But none of the The best OnePlus 10 Pro deals available in the United States so far can be compared to Amazon’s latest outright $160 discount. This comes with absolutely no commitments or special requirements, mind you, it’s clear that the 6.7-inch 5G enabled giant is being brought to a new all-time low price with no freebies or separate deal sweeteners of any kind.
The e-commerce giant previously sold the unlocked OnePlus 10 Pro 5G for about $25 less than its usual price of $899.99 while is also throwing in a free $100 gift card, and the handset maker is currently bundling the ultra-high-end smartphone with a free OnePlus Watch… on the same old nine Benjamins.
While the gorgeous round smartwatch is normally worth, you guessed it, $160 on its own, we’re pretty sure most of it is tied up for cash. OnePlus 10 Pro buyers prefer to cut that off the list price of the handset with minimal effort and without jumping through hoops.
Confusingly, Amazon’s product listing seems to suggest you can both get that unprecedented discount and a $100 gift card with your order, which, however, would be too good to be true and doesn’t actually work out at checkout. If you instead add the phone and voucher to your cart, the total will come to about $840, meaning the free gift card is no longer free.

It goes without saying that if you can make the bundle deal work with a combined discount of $260, you should absolutely pull the trigger immediately and only then begin to think how inconvenient it could be due to the inherent flaws of the OnePlus 10 Pro. .

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