Amazon has Google’s Pixel 6 Pro for sale at a simply unbelievable price

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For the longest time, Google (and its main US retail partners) kept the unlocked prices of the Fall 2021 Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro essentially unchanged. As recently as last month, for example, Amazon was still charging a whopping $899 and more for the latest 6.7-inch model, without dropping it by more than $50.

But then the jumbo-sized Tensor powerhouse was reduced to a slightly more agreeable starting price of $799 pretty much nationwide in a completely unprecedented deal that predictably went away relatively quickly. Out of nowhere, Amazon (and Amazon alone) seems to have bumped up that already attractive $100 discount to a downright irresistible $300 for a presumably (even more) limited time.
If you hurry, you can get a Cloudy White-coated Pixel 6 Pro for an incredible $300 below the usual above-mentioned price of $899 with 128 gigs of internal storage. That equates to an absolutely massive and positively dreamy 33 percent markdown for one of the best phones out there, especially if you’re a fan of the stock Android experience.
With the other color options and the 256GB storage configuration all stuck (more or less) at their regular price at the time of writing, we really don’t expect this great deal to last more than a few hours. Unless of course, Google or Best Buy decide to follow Amazon’s lead with similar discounts of their own, which seems highly unlikely.
After all, the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro are still months away, and with this price cut, The Pixel 6 Pro is incredible enough, just as affordable as its non-Pro sibling, while boasting a bigger, sharper, and smoother screen, as well as a bigger battery, and perhaps most importantly, a more versatile and generally better camera system on the go. rear with a state-of-the-art 48MP telephoto lens capable of producing 4x optical zoom.

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