Amazon has a Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 model with LTE for sale at an insane discount of $130

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As hard as it has rained dear galaxy watch 4 and Checking out 4 Classic deals in both brand new and “like new” condition for the past few months, it was pretty easy to anticipate that the discounts offered by retailers like Amazon would get even sweeter as we got closer and closer to the official launch. from Samsung’s next Apple Watch rivals.

Bargain hunters should therefore not be shocked to see the non-Classic Wear OS smartwatch priced at a whopping $130.99 at the time of writing in a very specific flavor. Delighted, sure, shocked, not really, because the same exact 44mm LTE compatible model already went a cool $100 below its regular price of $329.99 during Amazon’s Prime Day 2022 festivities recently and $112 or so off the list short. then.
The last discount can be seen as a natural continuation of this pre-Galaxy Watch 5 actions, which of course does not make it less attractive. Not if you’re a mobile addict looking to get or stay in shape using an Android-compatible wearable device that can monitor everything from your heart rate to your blood oxygen levels, sleep quality, EKG, and body composition.

Nowhere near as stylish as its classic sibling, this sportier model on sale for a supposedly limited time at a higher discount than ever, also comes with an undeniably gorgeous 1.4-inch round Super AMOLED display, as well as premium water resistance, a decidedly premium aluminum case, and in the case of the silver variant, a matching silicone strap.

In case you’re wondering, Amazon has other colors for sale at special prices, as well as 40mm versions with or without standalone mobile connectivity, but those deals are far less attractive than this one.

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